Elevator shoes level the playing field

High heels are commonly associated with fashion and represent femininity at its finest. However, an uncommon fact reveals that heels were initially donned by men, especially those in the upper classes of society. Today, men are stepping back into their redesigned height-granting shoes and are once again reaping the benefits. Unlike before, where the heels were on display for all to see, elevator shoes are more subtle and utilize a raised insert on the inside of the shoe. This disguise allows the wearer to be more discreet about their footwear of choice. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of elevator shoes.

Increases Confidence  

Many men include height in their evaluation of their own masculinity. Unlike weight, height is not a controllable variable, until now. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes will allow the wearer to reach their desired height while boosting their confidence and self-esteem in the process. Elevator shoes can range from two to five inches in height and are available in a variety of styles to choose from. This grants the wearer the opportunity to perform their best, whether working in the office or hiking in the woods.

Promotes Good Posture

Elevator shoes promote good posture and encourage the wearer to stand tall. By increasing the wearer’s height at the heels, it adjusts the weight distribution and alignment of the hips in relation to the new stance. In turn, this will alleviate muscle pain in the head, neck, and back of the wearer due to constant straining and misalignment. This allows the wearer to stand tall comfortably and maintain a good posture with minimal effort.

Develops Fashion

In addition to the mental and physical advantages, elevator shoes also aid in aesthetics. Elevator shoes are crafted by experts and are not only comfortable but extremely fashionable. Great care is taken to ensure these shoes are made of high-quality components and embrace the latest fashion trends. With classic and modern designs, elevator shoes will ensure the wearer is always in style and that their shoes complement any outfit.

Boosts Success

Many studies have revealed that taller men are more successful than their shorter counterparts. Taller men are usually more likely to receive promotions and bonuses at work and are taken more seriously when expressing ideas. This benefit applies not only to career-driven individuals but family-oriented men as well. Women are more likely to choose a partner that is taller and stronger than themselves.  Elevator shoes level the playing field. By increasing the height of an individual, they will not only stand taller and more confidently, but they will appear more reliable and capable to the world around them. They will be more desirable and attractive, which leads to a higher success rate.

Final Words

Elevator shoes are accessible and completely customizable to meet the needs of each individual. It is no wonder that they provide an abundance of physical and mental benefits to the wearer. So, don your own pair of guidomaggi elevator shoes, whether you are going to the gym or walking the red carpet.

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