Eat, Sleep, Repeat! This Strange Job Will Pay To Just Eat Cheese And Sleep

How we all wish we could just do nothing and still earn money. Well, this could become a reality for few lucky people. A job opening is offering to pay $1000 to just eat cheese before going to bed and get a whole night’s sleep. Eating and sleeping – are two of our favourite things to do. Imagine getting paid for it too. And not just any random food – it’s the super yummy cheese! So, what’s the catch? You might be wondering. Actually, there is none really. The job is pretty simple; here are the details.  

There’s a European theory that says that eating cheese before bedtime can give you nightmares. A mattress review company has decided to test this theory through its own trial. The company is inviting volunteers to work as its “dairy dreamers” to help it conduct research in order to study sleep patterns and improve them. “Our dairy dreamers will become our official cheese testers, providing honest feedback on how eating various kinds of cheese before bed impacts their sleep quality,” the company said. 

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The Sleep Junkie study is looking for 5 volunteers who will be required to eat cheese every day before going to sleep, for a period of three months. The candidates would be required to journal their sleep experience, including quality of sleep, dreams, energy level throughout the day, and whether eating cheese induced nightmares.  

Each week, the participants would be given a variety of cheese types, including blue, hard, soft-ripened and processed. The options for vegan and lactose-free cheese would also be there. Each “dairy dreamer” will be asked to eat each kind of cheese every night at the same time before sleeping for a week, taking a week break between each cheese swap to ensure results can be accurately recorded. 

Interesting, right? So, what are the qualifications they are looking for in the candidate? The company stated in a release that the candidate should be “at least 21 years old, own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep, have a consistent sleep schedule, and be able to sleep alone during the trials. The person should also not suffer from any current sleep issues or have any dairy or lactose intolerances.” 

This really is one of the most unique job offers on the market. And we are sure there will be many takers. 

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