Dzire, Tigor, Amaze, City, Slavia, Virtus – Top 10 Sedans in May 2022

In May 2022, sedan sales increased YoY but decreased MoM; the Volkswagen Virtus is the newest market entrant.

In May 2022, sedan sales are expected to increase year over year. Given the unrest in the market a year ago, this was to be expected. Government restrictions were enacted to stop the development of Covid-19 infections, which were spreading rapidly in sections of 2021. As a result, firms were forced to work against the odds, and auto sales were severely limited.

In May 2022, total sedan sales were 11,872 vehicles. Sales increased nearly twofold year over year to 33,297 units. The increase in volume was 21,425 units. From 39,364 units sold the previous month to 39,364 units sold the next month. The volume loss was 6,67 units, representing a 15.41% decrease.

May 2022 – Top 10 Sedans – Dzire No. 1

There is only one true leader when it comes to sedans, regardless of size. Maruti Dzire is a car manufactured by Maruti Suzuki. This isn’t a once-in-a-while occurrence. Dzire has topped the charts for the longest duration. Sales were reported at 11,603 last month, nearly double what they were a year ago. Sales increased by 8.43 percent year over year, with a volume increase of 902 units. From 10,701 units sold, sales have increased.

Sales of the Tata Tigor were reported to be little under 4000 units. Sales increased dramatically from 367 units sold a year ago to 3,975 units sold. Sales increased modestly from 3,803 units in the previous month. Volume increased by 4.52 percent to 172 units.

Sales of the Hyundai Amaze and City

Honda’s sedans account for the majority of its sales. Honda Amaze and City are two of them. Amaze sales increased to 3,709 units from 478 a year ago. With 3,628 units sold, Honda City was a close second. Amaze sales declined 16.97 percent year over year, to 4,467 units. 758 units were lost in volume.

Honda City sales are up 57.74 percent year over year, from 2.3k units. The increase in volume was 1,328 units. Sales of the Hyundai Aura more than doubled year over year, to 3,628 units from 1,637 units. Sales dropped by almost 4,000 units on a month-to-month basis. 724 units were lost, representing a 17.94 percent drop in volume.

Slavia and Virtus are Both in The Top 10

While sales of the Skoda Rapid have halted, the company has lately introduced the Slavia. And the sedan has aided the company’s sales from the start. Slavia sales were recorded at 2,466 units in May 2022. In April, 2,431 units were sold, which was similar to the previous month. In May 2022, sales of the newly released Volkswagen Virtus were reported at 2,177 units. Even before the debut, VW sent out these units to dealers last month.

In May 2022, Hyundai Verna sales were slightly under 1.5k cars, up a quarter year on year. From 781 units, Mom sales nearly doubled. The increase in volume was 707 units. For a long time, Maruti Ciaz sales have been disappointing. Last month, 586 units were sold. Sales increased by 579 units on a month-over-month basis. The Skoda Superb has sold 152 units thus far. Sales are up from 74 units in the previous month. A total of 106 Toyota Camrys have been sold. The Octavia has sold 74 units so yet. E-Verito has sold 18 units, while Vento has sold four.

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