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Social media platform Twitter (rebranded as X) is abuzz with many viral videos that may appear surprising to us. One such video is of a Dubai billionaire’s giant Hummer which is claimed to be three times bigger than the regular model. This oversized Hummer towering over regular-sized vehicles belongs to Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who is also known as the ‘Rainbow Sheikh of Dubai’. Notably, Sheikh Hamad is an automobile enthusiast who doesn’t shy away from investing a significant amount of his wealth toward building an impressive collection of cars.

Giant Hummer Owned By Sheikh Hamad

The video that has resurfaced on X has been shared by a user with the name Massimo. While sharing the video, the user mentioned that the Sheikh’s Hummer H1 X3 measures about 46 feet long, 21.6 feet tall and 19 feet wide. As per the reports, Sheikh Hamad is a member of the Emirati royal family with a personal net worth of over US$20 billion.

Video Shows Hummer In All Its Glory

The video displays the giant vehicle in all its glory. The mere presence of this Hummer makes other vehicles on the road appear dwarf. The viral clip shows some people extending their helping hand to the driver of the giant vehicle as he was trying to ride it back on a road that had police vehicles parked nearby.

Internet Impressed

The video of the never-before-seen vehicle is a hit on social media with over 20 million views. It has also amassed around 60K likes and there is also a flurry of reactions left by the people who were visibly stunned by the sheer scale of the vehicle.

A user jokingly wrote, “That’s not a Hummer, it’s a Humdinger.”

Another user wrote, “Haha, that would be the greatest thing ever… I’d have to sneak it onto the roads at night.”

One of them noted, “They might want to change the slogan to ‘everything is bigger in Dubai.’”

In what can leave anyone stunned, the exterior of this giant vehicle is a bigger version of the Hummer H1 whereas its interior is no less than a small house spread out over two floors. It has a living room and toilet on the second floor.

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