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Moviesflix is ​​a popular movie download site that allows its users to download all new and old movies that are shown in theaters. Fans who can’t wait to see the movie tend to download movies from this website, contributing to a decrease in the audience going to theaters to see the hottest new releases.

Therefore, the website has gained a huge audience all over the world, which makes it more popular than any other website. It also offers its viewers, free of charge, an incredible collection of HD movies of various genres that the site had attracted millions of visitors, alerted cybersecurity officials, and often banned. Still, they came back in multiple domains, making it difficult for cyber authorities to crack down on them.

What is the government doing to stop piracy? 

To address the controversies surrounding copyright infringement, the government has taken several drastic measures to eradicate movie piracy. Under the Cinematographers Act passed in 2019, anyone who shoots a movie without the producers’ written consent can face a prison sentence of up to 3 years. Other than that, the perpetrators can be fined 10 lakhs. Any pirated website for movies and TV shows can also face jail sentences.

Other torrent sites like Moviesflix Pro 

The continued and steady popularity of these websites has led to the growing trend in the digital media space with total anonymity to avoid litigation. So to avoid such illegal cheats, we have registered some illegal websites for your review and warning.

How popular is Moviesflix?

The Moviesflix website is said to have millions of monthly active users. According to, a website that provides statistics says that Moviesflix, while a criminal offenses website, has an overall Alexa rank of 11,004 based on traffic data sent by on a large number of users across the world. It also indicates that Moviesflix 8.34 pages are crawled daily and spend at least 2.45 minutes per user every day. A significant increase in visitors.

So it shows that if piracy continues so rampant, within a few years the movie industry will shrink, causing studios to lose huge amounts of money and produce fewer movies.

Download the Movieflix application 

Moviesflix offers smartphone users an application that offers many more features than the Movieflix website. You can find the application on many third-party websites on the Internet, as they do not have direct links to download the application. Compared to the version on the site, the Moviesflix pro app is faster and more reliable, allowing users to download movies faster without affecting internet speed. What makes it superior is that it is ad-free and gives you a very smooth and easy-to-use interface.


If you want to watch free movies without going to cinemas or theaters, join Moviesflix Pro Now! On Moviesflix you will get all kinds of the genre from Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV shows too.

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