Don’t enter right here carrying garments of those colours, that is the idea, know the historical past of the temple

Krishna Kumar/Nagaur: Nagaur is a non secular place, there are temples of many people gods and folks goddesses and the Dargah of Sufi saints is constructed right here. Equally, a temple of Hanumanji and Ganeshji is inbuilt Nagaur. Sure, in Vikram Samvat 1730, Raja Bakhtawar Singh began the development of a pond in Nagaur and through the digging of the pond, the idols of Lord Ganesha and Hanumanji have been discovered collectively. It appears as if Gajanandji and Hanumanji are flying collectively.

Bhanwarlal, the priest right here, tells that this idol was revealed when Bakhtawar Singh received Bakhta Sagar constructed. Since then worship is finished right here by devotees. Speaking concerning the miracle right here, when makes an attempt have been made to take away the idol, nobody might transfer it. However after performing puja and chanting mantras, the idol was taken out of the pond and put in on the banks of the pond.

Statue of 11 Mukhi Hanumanji

Temple priest Bhanwarlal tells that the statue of 11 Mukhi Hanumanji has been put in within the Navnirman temple right here. Within the idol, the 11 incarnations of Hanumanji are proven within the type of Hanumanji, Lord Ram, Prithvimata, Lord Surya, Lord Nrisimha, Parashuram, Vairaha Avatar, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Gurud and Sheshnag.

Don’t come to the temple in garments of those colours
Bhanwarlal Pujari tells that right here there’s a temple of Sachchiya Mata together with Ganesh ji and Hanuman ji temple, during which it’s prohibited to enter the temple carrying three coloured garments, during which it’s prohibited to enter the temple carrying blue, inexperienced and black garments. Ram Darbar has additionally been embellished in steel.

each want might be fulfilled
At current, this temple is worshiped as Balaji/Hanumanji with nice devotion. The monks right here inform that if the devotee worships with true coronary heart then each want is fulfilled.

(India07 doesn’t verify this as a result of it is a matter associated to spiritual beliefs. This data has been taken from the priest.)

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