Dominican PM Blasted By Opposition Over Mehul Choksi Case


Dominican PM Blasted By Opposition Over Mehul Choksi Case

Mehul Choksi had gone missing from Antigua on May 23 after going out for dinner.

New Delhi:

The Leader of the Opposition (LOP) in the Dominica House of Assembly, Lennox Linton, on Monday slammed Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s government over the arrest of diamond merchant Mehul Choksi, saying ‘no law, no constitution’ lives in the country.

“‘No Law, No Constitution’ and Dominica’s deteriorating international image,” Lennox Linton said in a statement to ANI.

Dominica’s main opposition party also accused the Prime Minister of being part of a conspiracy. 

“The presence of Indian born Antigua and Barbuda citizen Mehul Choksi in Dominica following allegations that he was kidnapped in Antigua, beaten, ferried to Dominica, and taken into the country against his will, highlights once again the extent to which departments of government are involved in organised crime under the influence and/or direction of the regime of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit,” the opposition leader told ANI.

Earlier, on Mehul Choksi’s arrest in Dominica, Antiguan PM Gaston Browne exclusively told ANI over the phone that he had spoken to the Dominican government and the Indian Ambassador regarding the fugitive diamantaire’s repatriation.

“The Indian government can send a private jet to Dominica for the deportation of Mehul Choksi. I have spoken to the Prime Minister of Dominica and the Indian Ambassador in this regard,” Antigua PM told ANI.

Mehul Choksi had gone missing from Antigua on May 23 after going out for dinner and was soon caught in Dominica. He is currently in the Quarantine Center in Dominica.

In addition, Lennox Linton has also demanded a full investigation in connection with Mehul Choksi on the way he was brought against his will in Dominica.

“The obvious collaboration between the governments of Dominica, Antigua, and Barbuda and India in undermining the judiciary in the Eastern Caribbean. The Police, Immigration, and Customs Officials openly allowed violations of the law to 1) facilitate the operators of St Lucia-based schooner; and 2) detain Choksi on allegations of illegal entry. The Ministers of Government who instructed and/or influenced Police, Immigration and Customs Officials to unlawfully facilitate the inhumane transfer of Choksi to Dominica,” he said.

Mehul Choksi, wanted in India on bank fraud charges, criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, and money laundering, had bought Antigua and Barbuda citizenship through the Citizenship by Investment Program in 2017. He has been living in Antigua and Barbuda since 2018 and is opposing court action to revoke his Antiguan citizenship and have him extradited to India.

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court’s next hearing is on June 2 to decide on Mehul Choksi’s deportation to the country concerned.


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