Do not use deodorant like this, otherwise your skin will burn, 10 people reached the hospital

People use deodorant to avoid the smell of sweat during summer. Even this is fine, but many people use it in winters also, which can prove fatal. Your skin can get burnt. These days, cold burn challenge is going viral on social media in Britain. Youngsters are using deodorants in the cold season, due to which red rashes are appearing on their skin. The situation has reached such a stage that more than 10 people have had to be admitted to the hospital.

According to the Daily Mail report, deodorants are very cool. If you apply it on the skin for just 15 seconds, the skin temperature can reduce by 60 degrees Celsius. This is causing the problem of skin burn. It causes extreme irritation, due to which the skin turns red. In the videos going viral on TikTok, many youth are seen taking part in the Cold Burn Challenge. In this, they spray deodorant on their skin for as long as they can bear it. After this their skin gets burnt. When a red, circular mark forms on the skin, share it on TikTok. The injuries of some have become so deep that they require plastic surgery. One girl’s injuries were so severe that surgeons warned that it could take up to two years for her injuries to heal completely.

More than half are aged between ten and 30 years.
You will be surprised to know that two-thirds of the participants in this challenge were women and more than half were between ten and 30 years of age. According to surgeon Connor Barker, 20 years ago cold burns were almost unheard of. But now it is a common thing. Deodorant containers must now carry a warning stating that spraying them close to the skin can cause serious injury. Let us tell you that due to the chemical called propylene glycol found in deo, skin rashes start occurring. Neurotoxin chemicals found in deo also have a negative impact on the kidneys and liver. There are other dangers too. A chemical called paraben is found in most deodorants, due to which the risk of breast cancer increases.

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