Distress Audio Note Reveals DMK Govt’s Rot, Says AIADMK Coordinator Paneerselvam

According to the audio clip, certain DMK members in Vellore pressured a police officer to drop charges against them for assaulting a local woman who was giving money.

O Panneerselvam, the AIADMK’s coordinator, has drew attention to an audio clip recorded by a police officer who claims he was tortured to the point of suicide by “goons” from the ruling DMK for attempting to file a case against one of them. Panneerselvam mentioned the instance of Sub Inspector Srinivasan in Veppankuppan, Vellore district, who said in an audio tape that he was going to kill himself because of the abuse he was subjected to by DMK members who forced him not to register a case of assault against a woman entrepreneur.

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According to Srinivasan’s audio tape, several DMK members in Vellore pressured him to drop the case as he began gathering evidence supporting the party’s attack on a local woman running a “chit” system.


Chits are essentially a lending mechanism in which borrowers obtain credit from a pooled pool of capital held by other participants, who profit from the money rotation by earning interest. The person in charge of the chit is responsible for ensuring that the money is returned to the participants.

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According to the audio clip, members of the DMK assaulted the person in charge of the chit. Srinivasan made precautions to record her remarks after learning she was in hospital following the attack, which caused the party men to begin “torturing” Srinivasan.

The meddling of ruling party members in government functioning is clear in the case of Srinivasan and his deterioration to the point of suicide, according to Panneerselvam, who is now leading the charge against the ruling party. “The audio tape of the Sub-inspector provides light on the current government’s disturbance of the police force and public tranquilly…,” he stated.

Panneerselvam has repeatedly slammed the DMK government for a series of crimes against women and girls in the state, ranging from a schoolgirl in Coimbatore who committed suicide due to teacher pressure to another eleventh grade student in the same district whose body was discovered in the bushes days after she was reported missing.

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