Despite Dismissal, Rajendra Singh Guha Maintains Assertive Stance, Questions Ashok Gehlot’s Return | India News

In the realm of Rajasthan Congress politics, the Udaipurwati MLA, Rajendra Singh Guha, remains unwavering in his strong views even after being dismissed from the ministerial council. Despite facing consequences, he continues to voice his criticism against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Speaking to journalists in Udaipurwati, Guha once again targeted Gehlot, questioning his ability to replicate previous government formations in 2003 and 2013. “At the age of 73, what can he achieve now when he couldn’t maintain the government even at the age of 52-53 in 2003?” he questioned.

Guha further praised Bharat Singh’s integrity, asserting that no other leader in the assembly matches his honesty. He expressed concern about Gehlot’s prolonged absence from the assembly and criticized the lack of inquiry into the reasons behind it. He also pointed out that Gehlot avoids eye contact and changes his path to avoid confronting issues. Guha raised eyebrows by remarking that while the police are occupied with the Mannthalia incident, Gehlot seems to lack the time to address critical matters concerning the public.

Regarding his meeting with Asaduddin Owaisi, Guha downplayed the encounter, emphasizing that it was a routine meeting. He criticized those trying to sensationalize it and refuted any claims of meeting with terrorists. Guha also questioned the selection process in the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), highlighting that many candidates from villages become thanedars (police station heads), while others who prepare for years still struggle to pass.

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Taking a jab at CP Joshi, Guha mocked the ease with which individuals become ARAS officers if they have ties to Dotasra. He praised Sachin Pilot for his role in significantly increasing Congress’s tally from 21 to 99.

It was reported that in Delhi, an attempt was made to reconcile differences between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot, with the top leadership seeking to portray unity within the party. However, speculations persist about potential confrontations within the Rajasthan Congress. The party aims to strengthen its position and succeed in forming the government once again in the upcoming assembly elections.

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