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Delhi Metro passengers will now be able to buy QR code-based paper tickets for travel on all its lines, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said on Monday, describing the development as a move towards a more transparent and human intervention-free mechanism. The DMRC also said it will gradually phase out the concept of physical tokens. At present, in addition to a token, the commuters will be able to buy a QR code-based paper ticket from the station counter. The DMRC has upgraded its AFC (automatic fare collection) gates, and token or customer care counters, to support the new feature, a senior official said on Monday.

Initially, two AFC gates, one each for entry and exit, were upgraded at all stations for travel by QR-based paper tickets, the DMRC said. “The concept of issuing tokens will be gradually phased out with the introduction of these more transparent and human intervention-free and cashless mechanisms thereby facilitating more convenient, seamless, time saving and error free travel for its passengers,” it said in a statement.

By the end of May, the transporter is also targeting to introduce mobile-based QR tickets to make travel in Delhi Metro more seamless, easy, and time-saving, eliminating the need for queuing up for tickets at stations’ counters, officials said.

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It has also targeted to make the AFC gates across the network QR code-compliant by the end of June this year along with upgrading the ticket vending machines for dispensing QR-based paper tickets, they said.

Delhi Metro, which began its operations in December 2002 with a corridor of just 8.2 km spanning six stations on the Red Line, has grown into a network of 391 km with 286 stations. Mobile-based QR tickets are currently available only at Airport Express Line. Officials said the passengers will only be able to enter from the station where the QR ticket (non-refundable) has been issued and not from any other station. However, in case of failure in revenue services, refund of QR-based paper tickets will be granted.

Passengers will be allowed to enter the metro system within 60 minutes from the time of the issuance of such a ticket. If a passenger fails to enter the system through the ticket within 60 minutes, the ticket will become invalid, the DMRC said.

For now, a QR-based paper ticket will only allow one to travel between two specific stations, the statement said. If the passenger wants to exit from any intermediate station, that is, before the destination station, the AFC gates will not open with the ticket. In such a case, a free exit ticket will be issued to the passenger and the old QR-based paper ticket will be retained by the customer care operator.

In case a passenger wants to exit from a station beyond the destination station, the AFC gates will again not open with the ticket. The passenger will then be asked to pay the difference of fare, before he or she could exit. The customer care operator will issue an exit ticket and will retain the old QR-based paper ticket, the statement said.

Any photographic image (taken on a mobile phone) or copy of a QR-based paper ticket will not be considered valid, and passengers with such an image or copy of it, will be treated as “without a valid ticket” and be dealt with according to DMRC rules, officials said.

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