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Heavy rains hit parts of Delhi on Saturday affecting traffic movement in the national capital. The problem is now exacerbated by flooded roads and tree uprooting in multiple places. To help commuters avoid congestion, Delhi Traffic Police issued an advisory late on Saturday night to avoid certain routes in the national capital. It is to be noted that these roads are still flooded, hence can be a problem for the people travelling through these routes.

Delhi Traffic Update: Routes To Avoid

As per the advisory, commuters are advised to not travel through Khan Market, Teen Murti roundabout, Bhairon Marg, GGR-PDR, A-Point to W-Point, Kamla Express Building, Andrews Ganj, Khanpur T-point and Under Railway Bridge at Bhairon Marg among other routes as these areas are still flooded.

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As per the latest updates, people are also advised to steer clear off Ring road near the IP flyover from Rajghat to Nizamuddin carriageway. Commuters can instead take alternate route via Shanti Van, Rajghat, JLN Marg, and BSZ Marg to avoid the stretch. 

These areas reportedly saw severe waterlogging after a new downpour on Saturday. Commuters bemoaned how difficult it was for them to go where they needed to go. Additionally, following rain, trees were uprooted in places like Tuglak Road, which impeded the movement of vehicles.

Delhi Traffic Police Advisory

The Delhi Traffic Police advisory said, “Due to rains in the evening hours, some roads have been affected by waterlogging and fallen trees. Commuters are advised to plan their journey accordingly and avoid these stretches for their convenience.”

Since the rains on Saturday, multiple reports have surfaced of people struggling with flooded roads. The social media platforms are now full of videos and pictures showing people trying to get through water-logged roads by pushing their two-wheelers while the four-wheelers steered their way across such roads.

Delhi Floods Update

At 1 pm on Saturday, the Yamuna river’s water level was measured at 207.27 meters. On Friday, the water level was measured at 207.98 meters at 11 pm, whereas it was 207.38 meters at noon on Saturday.

In the meantime, the Indian Meteorological Department forecasted on Friday that light to moderate rain with thunderstorms is likely to fall in Delhi over the next 4-5 days.

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