Deepika Padukone was a Bigger star and Earned more than Ranveer Singh when they met, according to Ranveer Singh. ‘I’ve been safe my whole life

Despite the fact that Deepika Padukone was a bigger star and earned more than him when the two met and started dating years ago, Ranveer Singh said he was never insecure.

Ranveer Singh claims he is too comfortable in his own skin and is happiest when his wife Deepika Padukone accomplishes something. The actor was responding to a question about Deepika’s old remark about Ranveer being very comfortable in his own skin.

“It makes me happy to hear that I gave the other actor a chance to shine.” That is simply my personality. It is impossible for me to be anything else. I’ve always been a confident individual. When my wife succeeds, I am very happy for her. When asked about Deepika being a bigger star when they met and earned more than him, Ranveer said in an interview with Film Companion, “There’s nobody prouder than me.”

Ranveer Singh is currently riding high on the success of his latest film, 83, which has received rave reviews. And, among other things, the way he avoids hogging all of the attention in the Kabir Khan-directed film by allowing the entire cast to have their own special moments has become a talking point.

That stems from Ranveer’s understanding of filmmaking as a team effort. So the “one-upmanship game” is a “negative way of approaching things,” he said, adding that he has seen people in the industry who do it.

“Unfortunately or fortunately, I have encountered people in my life and career who approach work in that manner, who play the one-upmanship, upstaging game. It’s just not in my nature to be like that. “It all comes down to gratitude,” he told host Anupama Chopra.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

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Ranveer has expressed his delight that his dream of becoming an actor has come true on numerous occasions. In the interview, he said it again. “I can’t believe I’m an actor after ten years.” Every day, I can’t believe I’m a Bollywood movie star. And as a result, it will show if you don’t approach a film, a character, or a collaborative creative process with honesty. That, too, will be evident if you do so. The film rises to its full potential when the ensemble shines. I’m at a loss for how else to approach it.”

“This morning my mother-in-law was like I didn’t meet you properly after the screening but I waited for two days to meet you in person, to give you this,” Ranveer said, expressing his delight at receiving love from his mother-in-law Ujjala Padukone as well. At home, I’m inundated with affection. As a result, I am ecstatic. What greater gift could I ask for than to have my family and friends proud of me?”

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The film 83 follows India’s cricket team, led by former captain Kapil Dev, on their quest to win their first World Cup in 1983. Ranveer Singh, who plays the main character, has been praised for the attention to detail he’s put into the role, as well as nailing Kapil Dev’s technique.

So, how has Deepika reacted to all of the love? “My harshest critic – my best friend, my wife – showers me with love and affection whenever they need to tell me how I’m doing. It’s unanimous this time. She’s a very artistic person who dislikes my mainstream stuff.”

Despite facing stiff competition at the box office from Hollywood’s Spider-Man: No Way Home and Telugu’s Pushpa, 83 has won the hearts of both audiences and critics.

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