‘Dear…:’ Google CEO Sundar Pichai Shared Email From His Father That He Received 25 Years Ago | Technology News

New Delhi: With Google turning 25 this month, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, recently reflected on how technology has altered the way we communicate. He also recalled the first email his father sent him from India.

“When I was a student in the US years ago, my father, who was back in India, received his first email address. I sent him a message since I was so happy to have a quicker (and less expensive) option to contact him, Pichai said in his blog.” After that, I waited again and again. It took me two full days to receive this response. I just sent you an email, Mr. Pichai. It’s all good.

The Google CEO called his father to find out what had transpired because he was perplexed by the formality and the delay. According to the senior Pichai, someone at his place of employment must open the email on their work computer, print it out, and then hand it to him.

Sundar Pichai writes, “My dad dictated an answer, which the person jotted down and eventually typed up to give back to me. The Google CEO then described an instance from a few months ago that demonstrated how far technology has come.

Sundar Pichai stated, “I was with my teenage kid. “He shot a few short photos of something fascinating he noticed, then shared them with his buddies. They afterward sent each other a few texts, and everything happened more quickly than it would take me to just take out my phone.

He continued, “The difference between how I communicated with my father all those years ago and how my son communicates today shows just how much change can occur across generations.”

While pursuing their PhDs at Stanford University in California, American computer scientists Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google on September 4, 1998. The business, which is now a part of the Alphabet parent firm and is overseen by Pichai, an Indian, has expanded into other tech fields and introduced a number of products.

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