Date Time And All About The First Surya Grahan Of The Year

Solar Eclipse 2021: Date And All About The First Surya Grahan Of The Year

Surya Grahan 2021: The Solar Eclipse on June 10 will be an annular one

The first Solar Eclipse of 2021 is on June 10. This Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan will be an annular one. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth just at the right time. According to the, “On that day, the moon in its elliptical orbit of Earth will lie too far from us to cover over the sun completely. So a bright annulus – or ring – will surround the new moon silhouette at mid-eclipse.” The Solar Eclipse will not be visible from India.

First Solar Eclipse of 2021: Know all about the Surya Grahan

  • People in north Canada, Greenland and Russia will be able to see the annular Solar Eclipse, popularly called the ‘ring of fire’. 
  • The partial Solar Eclipse would be observed from most of North America, Europe and north Asia.
  • The Solar Eclipse will not be visible from most parts of India except states in the far east like Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The Moon would cover about 97 per cent of the Sun.
  • The longest duration of the annular phase or the dramatic ‘ring of fire’ would be close to four minutes.
  • During Solar Eclipse, the Moon’s shadow creates a trail as Earth rotates and this is known as the path of totality.
  • In the path of totality, the Moon completely blocks the Sun’s light for a very short while and so it becomes dark even during the day.

Watch this space for interesting facts about Solar Eclipse and how to watch it.

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