Date, History, And How To Celebrate National Best Friends Day 2022

Following a hearing in the US Congress in 1935, June 8 was designated as National Best Friends Day.

Best friends, whether near or far away, old or new, assist us in navigating life. They share our joys, support us through our sorrows, and are there for us in both good and bad times. The celebration of good friends in life is something that every culture has in common. Although friendship events take place all year, June 8 is designated as National Best Friends Day in the US and Canada. The day is a great chance to spend time with those who are always there to catch us when we fall.


Following a hearing in the US Congress in 1935, June 8 was designated as National Best Friends Day. Meanwhile, August 1st has been designated as National Friendship Day. While the holiday has waned in popularity over the years, thanks to social media, it has recently seen a surge in interest.


National Best Friends Day honors the bonds of friendship that bind people together. The 8th of June is dedicated to honoring the bonds that exist between a person and a close friend or group of friends. For some people, their closest friend is their spouse or partner, a sibling, their parents, or even their pets. Regardless of who it is, June 8 is a day to remember and be grateful for the moments spent together.

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Best Friends Day
Best Friends Day


National Best Friends Day is not observed in a traditional manner. It is rather celebrated in a variety of ways by different people.

You can go out for a drink with your friend or friends, or you can participate in an activity with your closest friend. You can also just get together and spend some time together.

You can also use the hashtag ‘nationalbestfriendsday’ to share photos of yourself with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, along with some funny and interesting captions.

You can also exchange gifts such as jewelry with the words “best friend” engraved on it, a scrapbook, or other mementos. On this day, gifts are usually more thoughtful and sentimental than monetary costs.

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