Customers Know QNET Is Not a Scam: A Peek at Its Life-Enhancing Products

QNET, the global direct sales company, is not a scam. Despite unfounded accusations that the company operates as some sort of pyramid scheme, that theory is far removed from reality. In truth, QNET is an innovative e-commerce company with a popular line of lifestyle and wellness  products purchased and enjoyed by customers in more than 100 countries over the past 25 years.

QNET specializes in offering top-shelf goods in a number of categories, including wellness, health, home and living, personal care, technology, and education. It’s a lineup that’s made QNET one of the most successful direct selling companies on the planet.

It’s that variety of quality products and services that separates QNET from the competition, said QNET CEO Malou Caluza.

“Our distributors are present in many different regions around the world, that is why we offer a diverse portfolio to suit different demographics,” said Caluza. “We work with international vendors to design unique, high-quality, and advanced technology products that are only available at QNET.”

Caluza said the home care products offered through QNET are among her personal favorites.

“I am a cancer survivor and it is really important to me to use products in the home that will keep me and my family safe and healthy,” she said. “We have a fantastic NSF-certified water purification that runs without electricity. And an ECARF-certified (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) air purifier. And most recently we launched a completely natural weight-management nutrition product.”

Caluza knows some people have been misled by rumors about the company, but QNET is not a scam. From the beginning, she said in a video about the company, QNET has sought to make a difference in the world. That’s clear from the products the company offers, the business opportunities it provides people in countries around the world, and the charitable foundations and humanitarian efforts it supports.

Caluza said that since its inception, QNET has been driven by “one simple mission: Help people take charge of their lives whether it is through our products or through our business opportunities.”

QNET Is Not a Scam: E-Commerce Giant Offers High-Quality Products Worldwide

For anyone asking if QNET is a scam, the answer is, it’s not. Rather, it’s an e-commerce-based business that offers products and services exclusively through the company’s independent representatives. Many of those representatives are satisfied customers who decided to launch their own business selling QNET products.

QNET is also not a pyramid scheme. Unlike such schemes, income made by QNET’s independent representatives correlates directly with the number of product sales they make through the company’s e-commerce direct selling platform.

Caluza knows QNET well because she’s spent two decades working there, watching it grow from a small startup in 1998 into a global company. She started as the company’s first receptionist. Over two decades, she learned the business and moved up the corporate ladder, becoming CEO in 2019.

Caluza said the challenge in addressing the scam issue is “the lack of awareness and the lack of legal framework to help the public differentiate between the genuine companies and pyramid schemes.” The company directly addresses the issue on its website. Journalists have also investigated QNET and determined that it is not a scam.

QNET continues to move forward, helping spread awareness of its legitimate business model and the opportunities it presents for both customers buying its unique products and independent representatives working within its successful, grassroots business model.

QNET is also deeply committed to its charitable efforts. The company has helped fund more than 50 corporate social responsibility projects worldwide. Recently, QNET partnered with a nonprofit in Turkey to teach women financial literacy. The company also provided aid and support to earthquake survivors in 2023.

To those who still believe QNET is a scam, Caluza points out that the company has been around for more than two decades, adding, “How many scam companies manage to survive this long?” She also noted that the company has hundreds of success stories involving independent representatives who transformed their lives with QNET, as well as a long track record of funding charitable initiatives.

“I can go on and on,” she said. “We are very transparent as a company.”

QNET Offers a Variety of Amazing, Exclusive Products

In her role as CEO, Caluza focuses much of her time educating people about the company’s business model and connecting people with information about the company’s exclusive products and services.

“QNET offers fantastic products to help you lead a healthier, more holistic lifestyle, allowing you to take care of your family and your personal aspirations,” she said. “We offer more than 30 brands of products that have been developed exclusively for QNET by international experts.”

Customers in more than 100 countries have chosen to buy QNET products and services. Products are shipped from six distribution hubs to ensure timely delivery. QNET has a presence in more than 25 countries globally through regional offices, local agencies, and franchise partners.

Those locations include Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Morocco, Niger, Rwanda, and many more locations across Asia and Africa, as well as France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany in Europe. Not surprisingly, given the company’s reach, people at the QNET Global Support Center can speak at least 12 different languages.

QNET offers a wide array of services and products. For example, QNET Holidays connects consumers with great travel deals on everything from hotels to rental cars. They also offer exclusive designs on watches and jewelry from such brands as Bernhard H. Mayer, Cimier, and Brook & Blaze.

Some of the most popular product lines are in health and wellness. In its health products, QNET offers supplements formulated to address issues that include strengthening the immune system, managing weight, and increasing energy.

QNET’s wellness lineup includes innovative products offered through the Amezcua brand. These science-backed items promote whole-body health by reconnecting the body with nature’s rhythms. They include Amezcua Chi Pendant, Bio Disc, and Bio Light.

Customers also make a difference in the lives of others when they purchase a QNET product. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), the social impact arm formed in 2015 by the Qi Group, the parent company of QNET. The foundation works with grassroots organizations in developing countries to bring about sustainable change.

The foundation’s efforts focus on issues such as helping women with economic empowerment, giving access to education to children in underserved communities, providing clean water and sanitation infrastructure in rural areas, and helping at-risk boys and girls harness their potential in a positive way.

Money raised through customer sales have helped fund programs that have impacted the lives of more than 50,000 people internationally.

“We are very proud of this,” Caluza said. “RYTHM is our DNA.”

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