CRPF jawan’s wife murdered in Kanpur

Jagran Correspondent in Kanpur.

The murder of the wife of a missing CRPF jawan from Ratanpur in Panki has been solved by the police. After killing the wife of a CRPF jawan who came out of the car with male friends, the body was discovered in Shivli, Kanpur countryside. When three teenagers were apprehended by the police, the full extent of the murder became clear. The plans of three teenagers, one of whom lived in the maiden’s village, were thwarted, and the girl’s body was hidden after she was murdered. Three of the four suspects have been apprehended and imprisoned by Panki police, while the fourth remains at large.

What happened was this:

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On the night of February 20, the 34-year-old wife of CRPF jawan Inderpal, a resident of Ratanpur Colony, went missing under suspicious circumstances. On February 21, husband Inderpal, who was on election duty in Jamalpur, Mainpuri, filed a missing complaint with the Panki police station after learning of the situation. When the police investigating the case checked the phone’s CDR, it was discovered that the two numbers had been called several times. Pushpendra, a property dealer from Gangaganj, and Mukhtar, a resident of Rura Hasnapur village in Kanpur’s countryside, were arrested on this basis.

missing CRPF jawan
missing CRPF jawan

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I had to pay a visit to a friend’s house:

During questioning, he stated that he needed to arrive at Geeta’s house ahead of time. On the 20th of February, he arrived at her house with two other companions, having left the car at her house to roam with Geeta.

After consuming alcoholic beverages, I went for a car ride:

When the police arrived on the scene of the woman’s disappearance, they discovered empty beer cans and other materials scattered around her home. Geeta allegedly drank beer with the accused prior to the incident, according to sources. The accused had lured Geeta with their intoxication and taken her with them.

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