COVID: UK Minister Michael Goa says the country isn’t ready for the virus

As the UK struggles to cope with the deadly Omicron virus, Michael Gove stated that the country is not yet in a position to say it can live with it.

A British Minister stated that the country is not yet in a position to say it can live with the deadly COVID-19 variant Omicron, which is causing an unprecedented health crisis in the United Kingdom. Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Housing, told Sky News that the country is moving toward a point where citizens will be able to live with the virus, but that the situation has not yet arrived. “We are approaching a point where we will most likely be able to say that we can live with Coronavirus. The pressure on the NHS and other vital public services, on the other hand, is easing “‘I told Sky News,’ he said. “However, it is critical to recognise that we are not yet thereā€¦ There are going to be some challenging weeks ahead “Michael Gove went on to say.

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The minister’s statement comes nearly six months after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that “the people of the United Kingdom have now become accustomed to living with the virus.” Johnson made the statement in June, nearly two months before announcing the end of all restrictions. In addition, when asked about lateral flow tests, the minister denied that the government intended to charge for them. Notably, the government is currently providing free tests to its citizens. His remark came as Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi told Sky News that the Johnson administration intends to support free lateral flow tests in high-risk areas.

Michael Goa says the country
Michael Goa says the countryMichael Goa says the country

The UK is in the midst of its worst-ever health crisis.

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It’s worth mentioning that the UK has been dealing with the new COVID variant, Omicron, for the past month. Since then, there has been a severe shortage of healthcare workers in the National Health Service (NHS). According to a press release from the NHS, the world’s second-largest single-payer healthcare system, the country has seen the highest number of COVID absences since the vaccine’s introduction last year. Nearly 40,000 people reported COVID-related symptoms and did not return to work, according to the UK health agency. According to NHS data, over 35,000 healthcare workers became ill with COVID in just one week.

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