Corona’s graph increased rapidly in Maharashtra; About 2000 new cases registered in Mumbai

Covid cases in Mumbai: The rate of corona cases in Mumbai is accelerating, and approximately 2,000 corona cases were reported in the city on Friday. With this, the number of corona patients in Maharashtra has increased.

Cases of covid in Mumbai The spread of corona is increasing in many states across the nation. Friday, more than 3,000 new cases of corona were reported in Maharashtra. Surprisingly, 1,956 cases of Kovid have been reported in Mumbai alone, the nation’s capital. However, no patients have died during this time, and 763 patients have been cured of the disease within the past 24 hours. The current number of active cases in Mumbai exceeds nine thousand.

Instances increased by 15% in Mumbai

Today, approximately 15 percent more cases have been reported in Mumbai than on Thursday, resulting in an increase in the positivity rate to 12.74 percent. Friday marked the highest number of cases reported in Mumbai since January 22.

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New COVID-19 Cases
New COVID-19 Cases

Corona apprehension in Maharashtra

On Wednesday, nearly 2,800 cases were reported in Maharashtra, and on Thursday, 1,702 new cases were reported in Mumbai. The increasing number of corona cases in Maharashtra has caused concern, and the number of new cases in the state has nearly tripled in the past week. As with the initial corona wave, Maharashtra is becoming the center of corona once more.

In addition to Mumbai, 655 new cases of corona have been reported in Delhi, the nation’s capital. During this time, two patients have died from the disease. In Delhi, 419 patients have recovered over the past twenty-four hours, and the total number of active cases exceeds two thousand. The infection rate has increased to 3.11 percent in the capital. In the past 24 hours, 21044 corona tests have been conducted in Delhi.

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