Congress Releases Second List of 41 Candidates in Uttar Pradesh

The Congress on Thursday unveiled its second list of 41 candidates for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, which begin on February 10. The list includes 16 women.

Poonam Pandit, a candidate from the Syana Assembly constituency, is on the list. She is a professional shooter who rose to prominence during the farmers’ protests against three farm rules that were ultimately overturned.

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In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress vowed to set aside 40% of seats for women candidates, which is reflected in the second list.

Congress Releases Second List
Congress Releases Second List

Sikander Valmiki of the Agra Cantt (SC) seat is also on the list. Valmiki is the District President of the Akhil Bhartiya Valmiki Mahasabha and the State President of the Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam Water Department’s Karmchari Sangh.
The Congress had already announced a list of 125 candidates, including 50 women, in its initial list. The Congress has announced 166 candidates for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections as of today’s list. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections will be place in seven stages, beginning on February 10 and ending on March 7. On March 10th, the results will be released.

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