Climate change will be a central theme in Chile’s new constitution

Chile is taking a giant step forward for its citizens and the rest of the world by writing a new constitution that prioritises climate and environmental issues. In the face of a climate and environmental emergency, Chile’s new constitution is being drafted. The country will embark on a new form of government that prioritises environmental concerns.


The fate of lithium, a lustrous and soft metal, is at the heart of this new constitution. It can be found near the Andes Mountains in the salt waters. We’re all familiar with lithium because it’s used in the production of batteries. Chile’s concern about lithium comes at a time when the metal is in high demand as a substitute for fossil fuels, causing prices to skyrocket.

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The high environmental cost of this type of natural resource mining is an argument against it. Furthermore, it is stated that the benefits of this will not be available to all citizens.

As a result, the country is now considering the best approach to mining. A Constitutional Convention has been convened to decide on various aspects of this. Some of the questions that this convention will attempt to address include how mining should be regulated and what role local communities should play in mining. Apart from that, Chile will decide whether or not to keep its presidential system, whether or not nature should have rights, and how to proceed in the future.

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According to reports, the convention will also decide who owns Chile’s water and define what water is. To work on the new constitution, 155 Chileans have been elected.

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