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Climate Activist Licypriya Kangujam Says Everyday Is Earth Day For Me

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''Everyday Is Earth Day For Me'': Climate Activist Licypriya Kangujam

On Earth Day, climate activist Licypriya Kangujam says, ”everyday is Earth Day for me”

Today is Earth Day. Climate Activist Licypriya Kangujam took to Twitter and wrote: ”Everyday is Earth Day for me. We need to treat our planet with love and respect everyday, not just one day. Happy Earth Day everyone.” Licypriya Kangujam posted a photo of her planting a sapling. This year the theme of Earth Day is: Restore Our Earth. The theme ”focuses on natural processes and emerging green technologies that can restore the world’s ecosystems”. Earth Day gains significance with each passing year as the global climate crisis worsens. 

Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary General in his message on Earth Day said, ”As we mark Earth Day, our planet is at a tipping point. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is a chance to set the world on a cleaner, greener, more sustainable path. We must end our war on nature and nurse it back to health.”   

The significance of Earth Day 2021

It’s time for people of the world to ”take your climate action to the next level.” According to, ”The scientific evidence is clear and irrefutable – human activity is causing our planet to warm at an alarming rate. International bodies of scientists have warned that we have just over a decade to halve our emissions to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change on our food supply, national security, global health, extreme weather, and more.” 

In 1990, Earth Day became an ”environmental movement, working with more than 75,000 partners in over 192 countries to drive positive action for our planet”.

Happy Earth Day 2021!


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