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Chili Whipped Cream For The Courageous Taste Buds


Only a few people know about this strangely unique type of flavor! Chili whipped cream is one of the most exotic variants that kids would surely hate, and some adults as well. But for sure a lot of curious food lovers and those brave enough to take on the challenge would love to try out. Thanks to the wonders of modern food creation, where some food has created variants to add an extra flavor into it, some even added extra flavors to make a common recipe unique.

In this article, you will learn how to create this extraordinarily appealing type of whipped cream that’s good for those who just like exotic flavors for their dessert. The reason why we decided to make this was that it tasted good to some cold drinks, as it adds up spice to it that makes them even more indulging to drink away once you feel the spiciness of this tasty whipped cream. 

Chili Whipped Cream Ingredients

Here are the ingredients of the chili whipped cream, which are very easy to get:

l Heavy cream, 4 cups

l Confectioners’ sugar, 1 cup

l Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon

l Chili pepper, which is up to you what variant and how many you want it to be. 

The amount of chili peppers that you will apply to the mixture is what determines the spiciness of your food. But as much as possible, we don’t want your whipped cream to taste like you put in too much chili. That’s why if you want to go for a whipped cream that has a good kick in it, then be sure to pick a few chilies that have a decent level of spiciness. We want to make sure that the taste of your whipped cream will still have that milky flavor. 

Make sure that the ingredients listed above have the right measurement to ensure that the quality of your whipped cream will remain superb at all times. That’s why measuring cups are oftentimes required for making the whipped cream to ensure that it will not taste bland as well. Of course, if you want to make adjustments for the flavor or for the amount of cream that you’re going to make, then feel free to make changes like adding more cream or sugar. Just make sure not to add too much chili. Alternatively, you can use chili powder if you don’t want to use actual chili peppers at the moment.

The utensils that you will be using in this recipe are a large bowl for preparing the cream itself, and a small bowl to place all of the chilies. You can use a food processor to shred the chili into pieces that are much better to mix with the cream. Alternatively, you can also use a mortar and pestle to pound the chili into bits that will easily incorporate into the whipped cream mixture.

Preparing the Chili Whipped Cream

Preparing the chili whipped cream is extremely easy. After all, it’s the spiciness of the cream that will make it hard to consume for others who can’t even resist the level of spiciness. Here are the steps:

1. First of all, make sure that you split the chilies in half, and then remove all the seeds. The seeds will unnecessarily strengthen the spiciness of the food and will form as bits on your cream that might seem unappealing to some. Just be sure to leave the skin of the chilies. One good way for you to get the seeds removed is by rolling the chili to detach the seeds before splitting them. 

2. Place the chili into the food processor, while making sure that the chili will be ground as powder once you start processing it. You need to make sure that there are no solid bits that will remain on the processed chili because we want your whipped cream to become smooth and riddled with bits. 

3. On a large bowl, you may now start whipping the heavy cream with the whisk or mixer. During the whipping process, add up the ground chili while adding up vanilla extract and confectioners’ sugar. Be sure to do the whipping process for up to 4 minutes, and not go overboard that to avoid your cream becoming butter. Alternatively, you can use a whipped cream dispenser and some cream chargers commonly known as nossies, nangs or whip its) to whip the cream.  

Chili whipped cream is one of the best desserts that will surely make your adventurous taste buds experience the thrill of the kick that the chili peppers can give. Take note that it’s best to go for a higher level of spiciness by getting a strong chili pepper. This type of whipped cream is known to make cold drinks better, and is perfect for vanilla ice cream for a reason that I can’t even explain! The ingredients are very easy to find in the supermarket, and for a price that everyone will surely afford!

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