Children aged 15-18 can register on CoWin from January 1, on-site from January 3

NEW DELHI: Starting January 1, children aged 15 to 18 can register online on CoWin or onsite at vaccination centres to receive Covaxin shots.

Prioritization and sequencing for healthcare and frontline workers, as well as those aged 60 and older with comorbidities, will be based on completing nine months or 39 weeks from the date of the second dose as of January 10, the government said in its guidelines released on Monday.

Children can use their school IDs to register on the CoWin site, according to National Health Authority chief executive RS Sharma. They can use an existing account or create a new one to register online. The recipients aged 60 and up will be required to declare their comorbidity when registering on the portal and to present a certificate from a registered doctor at the vaccination site.

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Rajesh Bhushan, the Union Health Secretary, has convened a meeting with states and union territories to discuss the guidelines’ smooth implementation and to assess the evolving Omicron situation across states.

January 1, on-site from January 3.
January 1, on-site from January 3.

“Anyone over the age of 15 will be able to sign up for CoWin.” To put it another way, anyone born in the year 2007 or earlier is eligible. Beneficiaries can self-register online using an existing CoWIN account or by creating a new account using a unique mobile number, according to the guidelines. “This facility is currently available for all eligible citizens,” the guidelines stated.

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Vaccination for the precaution dose will be available to healthcare and frontline workers, as well as citizens aged 60 and up with comorbidities, through their existing CoWin account. The guidelines state that when the precaution dose is due, the CoWin system will send an SMS to eligible individuals. Vaccination certificates will also include information about how the precaution dose was administered.

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In January, nearly three crore healthcare and frontline workers are expected to be eligible for the Covid vaccine booster dose, which will be given nine months after the second dose. Furthermore, Covaxin will be available to 6-7 crore children between the ages of 15 and 18.
The precaution dose, or third dose, of Covid vaccines is being given to health and frontline workers as a “matter of abundant precaution,” according to the health ministry. While an estimated three crore people over the age of 60 are expected to have comorbidities, given the required nine-month gap, only a small percentage may be eligible for the third dose in January.

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