‘Chicken, mutton, sea-food’: Rahul Gandhi opens up on food choices, secret to fitness | India News

Currently on a nationwide Yatra (foot-march), Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi are holding a number of off-the-beat conversations, shedding light on his personal life and ideology apart from politics. 

In one such conversation, Rahul Gandhi recently opened up about his food choices and daily routine. Speaking to noted lifestyle journalist Kamya Jani Punjabi, Rahul Gandhi revealed that he tends to be a non-vegetarian, and likes ‘Chicken, mutton, sea-food. 

Rahul Gandhi, however, said that he avoids carbohydrates and stays in discipline when it comes to eating. 

“Normally for lunch, we have ‘desi’ khana and for dinner some sort of continental stuff. But I am quite particular when it comes to food. I have a controlled diet, so my food is very boring,” Rahul Gandhi said. 

To which, Kamiya Jani jokingly said, “yes we have seen your abs so we are sure about your controlled diet.”

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Laughing at the journalist’s remarks, Rahul said: “Yeah, that’s control. I try to avoid eating too much sugar.”

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