Check Out These Interesting Facts And Activities

World Book Day 2021: Check Out These Interesting Facts And Activities

2021 World Book Day: April 23 is marked as World Book Day

World Book Day 2021: As people across the world struggle to cope up with the pandemic, books have become a powerful tool to tackle loneliness and isolation. World Book Day is observed every year on April 23. According to the UNESCO, “In some countries the number of books read has doubled” since the pandemic forced people to stay home. On World Book and Copyright Day, let us spare a thought about millions of underprivileged children who are far removed from the world of books, online classes and one never knows when they may go back to school again. On this World Book Day, it’s important to take the time out and read with children. Books are the biggest tools to ‘fight illiteracy, poverty and strengthen peace.

World Book Day 2021: Check out these activities

On World Book and Copyright Day, UNESCO ”encourages you to challenge yourself, to explore new topics, formats, or genres that out of your ordinary.”   

The UNESCO encourages ”you to use to help engage all communities of readers, individuals and institutions. Whether you want to print and stick them on walls, share them on social media or publish on your website…”    

You can join Jnanpith Award winner, Amitav Ghosh who will discuss his new book, ‘The Living Mountain’ World Book Day at 6 PM on FICCI YouTube. 

For millions of people worldwide, books have been a source of entertainment and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell us about your favourite reads on Friday’s World Book Day!   

Happy World Book Day 2021!

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