Check Out The New Bajaj NS-650 Design Details

Although it is a digitally created version, people on the internet are gasping over it as it could soon become a reality after rumors of Bajaj developing a 500cc twin cylinder engine surfaced. The bike resembles a Kawasaki z650 more than any other bike in the Bajaj lineup. Bajaj offers entry-level Pulsars like the 120 and 150, as well as performance-oriented models like the 200 and 250. A massive 500cc+ version, on the other hand, has yet to appear on the market. Until that time comes, we can enjoy the NS650’s digital rendering.

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The bike now has a displaced head that sits lower than before, giving it an alien appearance, and the tank has been redesigned to look more voluptuous. Newly designed cover panels protrude towards the front to give the bike a more aggressive stance, while the bike has a pretentiously up swept tail, just like any other sports bike on the market. Despite the fact that the bike is a fancy digital design, rumors suggest that the design could become a reality, with Bajaj reportedly developing a 500 cc parallel twin engine. However, the designer has used the same foot rest as the NS 200, and the rear seat appears to be compromised due to design features.

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Bajaj hasn’t revealed any plans to bring such a bike to market as of yet. Such digital iterations assist people in focusing what they want if a new bike along the same lines is ever created. Abin Designs 511 is the creator of the bike. Bajaj currently has all of the necessary equipment to produce such a product, and with their newly formed relationship with Triumph, we may see a Bajaj equivalent to the trident in the future.

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