Chaos Erupts During Moharram Procession in Delhi’s Nangloi: Stones Thrown at Police, Several Injured | India News

Delhi’s Nangloi district witnessed a distressing turn of events during the Moharram procession as what began as a solemn religious observance quickly escalated into chaos. With a massive turnout of around 8,000 to 10,000 participants, the procession took an unruly turn when a few organizers decided to divert from the pre-approved route. The situation intensified when the police tried to reason with them, leading to the agitated crowd hurling stones at the law enforcement officers. The outbreak of violence compelled the police to resort to a mild lathi-charge to restore order. Several police personnel sustained injuries during the unfortunate incident. As the authorities assess the situation, tensions remain high in the area.

Unruly Scenes Unfold:

According to DCP Harinder Singh, the Moharram procession in Nangloi commenced peacefully, with organizers and attendees marching peacefully to observe the occasion. However, the atmosphere turned tense when a small group of organizers expressed displeasure with the designated route and decided to deviate from it. Despite prior agreements made during a meeting, these individuals caused disruptions, leading to confrontations with the police.

Stone-Pelting Incident:

As the police attempted to intervene and reason with the agitated organizers, the situation quickly escalated when stones were hurled at the law enforcement officers. The unruly behavior of the crowd further intensified the chaos during the procession. In response to the escalating violence, the police decided to use a mild lathi-charge to disperse the unruly mob and restore order in the area.

Injuries and Damages:

During the altercation, several police officers sustained injuries due to the stone-pelting incident. Additionally, some police vehicles were damaged in the process. Prompt medical attention was provided to the injured officers, and they are currently receiving treatment.

Assessing the Aftermath:

While the situation has been brought under control, authorities continue to remain vigilant to prevent any potential flare-ups. As of now, no arrests have been made, but law enforcement officials are closely monitoring the situation. Legal action is expected to be taken in response to the violent incident.

Similar Incidents Elsewhere:

It is worth noting that during Moharram processions in other locations, similar incidents of clashes and disturbances have been reported. Recently, in Varanasi, tensions erupted between Shia and Sunni communities during a Tazia procession, necessitating police intervention to restore peace.


The Moharram procession in Delhi’s Nangloi, intended to be a peaceful religious gathering, took an unfortunate turn as clashes between some organizers and the police led to violence and stone-pelting. The incident has raised concerns over the need for proper management and security arrangements during large public events. As authorities take stock of the situation and investigate the root causes of the unrest, it is hoped that measures will be taken to ensure the safety and peaceful conduct of such processions in the future.

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