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NEW DELHI: As the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) prepares to make an audacious attempt at a soft landing on the unexplored south pole of the Moon with its ambitious Chandrayaan-3 mission, people across India are joining in prayers, religious offerings and various rituals for its success. The country’s hopes are pinned on ISRO’s latest endeavour, marking the third Moon mission. According to Nilesh M Desai, Director of Space Applications Centre (SAC/ISRO), Ahmedabad, “Chandrayaan-3 will start its descent from the height of 30km with a speed of 1.68 km per second. By the time it reaches the Moon’s surface on touchdown, the speed will almost be reduced to 0.” 



Communities Join Hands For Chandrayaan-3’s Triumph


Religious ceremonies spanning various faiths are being conducted across India to seek blessings for the success of Chandrayaan-3’s groundbreaking mission. In Agra and Varanasi, locals are performing traditional havan rituals to ensure the safe touchdown of the mission’s Lander Module (LM) on the Moon’s south pole. Similarly, in Lucknow, Muslims are offering namaz at the Islamic Centre of India, earnestly praying for the mission’s triumphant outcome.

In a similar vein, Anand Dubey, a leader of the Shiv Sena (UBT) party, organized a ‘havan’ at the Chandramauleshwar Shiv Mandir in Mumbai, invoking blessings for the prosperous landing of Chandrayaan-3.


Chandrayaan-3: ISRO’s Ambitious Leap Towards Lunar History


Scheduled for Wednesday at 6:04 PM, the LM, housing the lander (Vikram) and the rover (Pragyan), is poised to achieve a historic feat by gently descending onto the Moon’s south polar region. Should this endeavour succeed, India will join an exclusive group of nations—comprising the United States, China, and the former Soviet Union—that have mastered the intricate technology of soft-landing on the lunar surface.

Chandrayaan-3, following in the footsteps of Chandrayaan-2, aims to validate secure and gentle landings on the Moon, facilitate lunar roving, and conduct on-site scientific experiments. Notably, Chandrayaan-2 faced a setback during its lunar phase when the lander, named ‘Vikram,’ encountered anomalies in its braking system, leading to a crash on September 7, 2019.

Countdown To Destiny: The LM’s Critical Touchdown


Launched on July 14 via the Launch Vehicle Mark-III (LVM-3) rocket, the Chandrayaan-3 mission costs approximately 600 crore INR (Indian Rupees) and has embarked on a 41-day journey toward the lunar south pole. This daring soft landing mission arrives shortly after Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft experienced an unfortunate crash into the Moon due to a loss of control.

Following its second and final deboosting operation on August 20, the LM has settled into a 25 km x 134 km lunar orbit. Currently, the module undergoes internal evaluations while awaiting sunrise at the predetermined landing site. The intricate powered descent phase, aiming for a gentle touch on the lunar surface, is expected to commence around 5:45 PM on Wednesday.

Mission On Track: ISRO


ISRO, on the eve of the anticipated touchdown, has confirmed that the Chandrayaan-3 mission is on track. The Mission Operations Complex (MOX), situated at the ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC), is abuzz with fervour and enthusiasm as the historic moment approaches.

S Somanath, the Chairman of ISRO, elucidated that the pivotal challenge of the landing revolves around slowing the lander’s velocity from 30 km altitude to a final landing while managing the transition from a horizontal to vertical orientation. He highlighted that the process is akin to a mathematical calculation and emphasized ISRO’s dedicated efforts to overcome past challenges.

Once successfully landed, the rover will emerge from the lander’s platform, utilizing side panels as a ramp for deployment. Designed for a mission duration of one lunar day (approximately 14 Earth days), the rover will engage in an in-depth exploration of the lunar environment, carrying out various experiments and analyses.

The Grand Finale: Landing And Beyond


The objectives of Chandrayaan-3’s LM include assessing near-surface plasma ions and electrons density, conducting thermal property measurements of the lunar surface, and examining seismic activity. The rover, equipped with advanced scientific payloads, will analyze the chemical and mineralogical composition of the Moon’s surface, offering valuable insights into its composition and history.

In a unique development, Chandrayaan-3’s LM has established communication with the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, creating additional avenues for ground controllers to interface with the new mission. As India’s anticipation mounts, the nation stands united in collective hope, prayers, and aspirations for the triumphant accomplishment of ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission—an endeavour that symbolizes human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of scientific exploration.

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