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Lunar Eclipse 2023: The world will witness this year’s first penumbral lunar eclipse on May 5. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, causing the moon to be darkened. This year’s first lunar eclipse is a penumbral one which means when the moon passes through the Earth’s outermost region of its shadow – the penumbra. It is different from other eclipses where the moon passes through the Earth’s umbra, the darkest part of its shadow. This time, it is coinciding with Vaishakh Purnima or Buddha Purnima celebrated in India. Gautam Buddha’s birthday is marked on the Purnima in the month of Vaishakh.


According to timeanddate.com, the lunar eclipse will be visible at least in some parts of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be visible in India, and skywatchers will be able to view it if the sky is clear.


Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse, referred to as Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan respectively, hold special significance in the Hindu calendar as well. Sutak is the time before and after the solar and lunar eclipse which is considered to be inauspicious. According to drikpanchang.com, sutak is observed for 12 hours before Solar Eclipse, and for 9 hours before Lunar Eclipse. 

New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune are some popular cities in India, where Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be visible. According to drikpanchang.com, no sutak is applicable on the May 5 Penumbral lunar eclipse. 


According to timeanddate.com, the eclipse will begin at 08: 44 PM IST on May 5 and will end at 01:01 AM IST on May 6. The total duration of the eclipse will be 4 hours and 18 mins. Reportedly, the MP Birla Planetarium stated that all phases of the lunar eclipse will be visible from the whole of India.


During the eclipse, there are several dos and don’ts to be followed. In India, there are various beliefs associated with the eclipse (Grahan). According to Hindu mythology and legends, it is said that cooking or eating food should be avoided during the eclipse period.

It is said that after the eclipse, one should take a bath and wear fresh clothes.

Mantras should be chanted for a healthy mind, body and soul after the Grahan.

Durbha grass/blades of the dried grass or Tulsi leaves should be kept in food containers in your kitchen and fridge. It is believed that this will help to prevent the food items get affected by the eclipse.

Pregnant women, it is believed, should stay inside the house and chant Santana Gopala Mantra for their well being. Also, everyone else should chant the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. 

It is said that drinking water during the Grahan period should be avoided.

Food should not be prepared or consumed during eclipse or Grahan.


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