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Biden Calls the Decision on Abortion A “Sad Day” For America: 10 Facts

President of the United States Joe Biden described the Supreme Court's decision on abortion as a "sad day for the…

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Exposure to Air Pollution may Aid in Predicting Death Risk

According to a recent study, environmental factors like air pollution may be able to forecast a person's risk of dying,…

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According to the Lancet, COVID Vaccinations Avoided Around 42 Lakh Deaths in India

According to a mathematical modelling study that was published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, vaccines created to combat…

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With an IMF victory, The Rupee Breaks its Losing Skid and Recovers Rs1.3 Against the Dollar

The rupee increased by Rs3.80 to Rs208 against the dollar at 2:50 p.m., from Tuesday's close of Rs211.80, according to…

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India will Assist Sri Lanka’s struggling Economy in Recovering

In an effort to show its willingness to go above and above the $4 billion in loans, swaps, and help…

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India Deploys a Technical Team and Resumes Diplomatic Relations with Afghanistan

To "closely monitor and coordinate the work of various stakeholders for the proper delivery of humanitarian assistance," the technical team…

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Major Judgement by the Supreme Court invalidates the New York gun law

In a significant decision in favour of gun rights, the Supreme Court on Thursday invalidated an onerous New York firearms…

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Devastating Afghanistan Earthquake Leaves At Least 1,000 Dead

After a strong earthquake slammed a mountainous border region of Afghanistan, killing at least 1,000 people, desperate rescuers raced against…

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There is a big conflict between Russia and Ukraine, meanwhile Russia has given an important gift to India

Russia-Ukraine War: The world war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, and no one knows how long it will…

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Hidden Tourist Spots: There are five tourist spots in India that you probably aren’t aware of

India is a treasure trove of natural wonders. From spectacular beaches to high mountains, river springs, valleys, deserts, and even…

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