For raping a minor girl, a court sentences an elderly man to ten years in prison

According to the prosecution, the decision was based on the victim's statement, a medical report, and the testimony of 14…

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2 dead, many injured in Mumbai high-rise fire

In the massive blaze that started around 7 a.m. on the 18th floor of the Kamla building opposite Gandhi Hospital…

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Can Police Track a VPN Connection

You must have read content online and you must have been been told by peers or tech representatives that VPNs…

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Blue world City – Master Plan, Noc, and Location

The long-standing relationship between Pakistan and China is now reaching new heights in both countries’ industries.  Similarly, with their latest…

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What are the Advantages of a Macerating Toilet?

Macerating toilets are becoming increasingly popular in the United States for a variety of reasons. They’re more efficient than standard,…

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Mumbai Is On High Alert: Security Has Been Tightened Ahead Of The New Year Due To Threat Alert Input

Ahead of New Year, Mumbai has been put on high alert with Central agencies giving inputs of a possible security…

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The minimum temperature in Delhi has settled at 7 degrees Celsius

According to the India Meteorological Department, Delhiites awoke to a cold morning on Saturday, with the minimum temperature settling at…

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The bomber in Ludhiana’s courtroom was charged with drug possession and intended to scare judges and lawyers

According to The Indian Express, the blast caused a water pipe to burst, washing away some residual explosives that could…

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EXCLUSIVE | COVID: A lawyer files a petition in the Supreme Court asking the EC to order the EC to prohibit political rallies in election-year states.

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court, requesting a ban on all political rallies scheduled in the five…

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Home Secretary Holds High-Level Internal Security Meeting At MHA In Ludhiana Court Blast

Ajay Kumar Bhalla, the Union Home Secretary, convened another high-level internal security meeting at the MHA on Friday to discuss…

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In a truck-tempo collision in Jharkhand, one person was killed and six others were injured

According to police, a 32-year-old tempo driver was killed and six others were injured in a head-on collision between his…

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Inside the Ludhiana Court Complex, two people were killed in a blast

Blast from the Ludhiana Court: In a Twitter post, Mr Singh requested that Punjab police conduct a thorough investigation into…

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