Tuesday, January 19, 2021

GOVARDHAN PUJA- गोवर्धन पुजा

Govardhan Puja is the major festival of Hindus. This festival is mainly a festival celebrated by farmers, Yadavas and shepherds, etc.
    Home Agriculture


    BAMBOO CULTIVATION- बाँस की खेती

    Bamboo cultivation:-Bamboo cultivation is very simple and easy, because you do not have to give too much of your time to grow bamboo and...

    HOW TO CULTIVATE ONION- प्याज की खेती कैसे करें ?

    Onion Cultivate crop requires a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. It is usually cultivated in all types of land but fertile soil with abundant manure and excellent.

    BASIL CULTIVATION- तुलसी की खेती

    Basil is found in many medicinal properties associated with the plant. And Tulsi plant is also found in almost all temples or homes.

    FISHERIES- मछली पालन

    Fisheries: Catching fish is very simple and easy, because with this help you can earn maximum profit in less effort.

    RULES FOR NATIVE POULTRY FARMING- देशी मुर्गी पालन करने का नियम

    Poultry farming has a business rule that becomes an additional source of income and employs 25 to 3 million people in countries with an available method of employment.

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