Can you play Chinese card games with standard cards? Find out here

With online games taking up the market, card games have come up as one of the preferred options for many people. One of the reasons for this is that card games are pretty easy to play but involve skills with the help of which you can conquer any table. Among card games, you will find many top-rated names such as Poker, Rummy, Blackjack, etc. But Rummy is getting quite a lot of recognition these days. And in Rummy itself, you will find many variations. Be it London Rummy, Russian Rummy, Canasta Rummy, etc. But the one we are going to talk about is Chinese Rummy. Chinese Rummy retains most of the features of the traditional Rummy but with some unique features. So, without further ado let us understand what Chinese Rummy is and how to play the game. 

What is Chinese Rummy?

In the game of Chinese Rummy, the traditional Rummy cards are replaced with new features. Instead of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts, Chinese Rummy hand has 5 suits 

  • Elements 
  • Blessings 
  • Virtues
  • Direction 
  • Beasts for Sacrifice         

Each suit has 5 cards with numbers 1-5. Along with this, there are also Yin and Yang cards, which takes the total to 27 cards. 

In Chinese Rummy, most of the things remain the same but the name of the suits change. 

Chinese Rummy Rules

Even though the different cards and suits might confuse the new players, once you get familiar with them it is pretty basic. The game will quickly remind you to a great extent of the traditional Rummy only. Still, to make things clear, let us take a look into the rules of Chinese Rummy. 

  • The Chinese Rummy can be played by 2 or three players. If you want to add more players to the game then you will have to use an additional deck. For instance, if you play Chinese Rummy with 4 to 6 players then you will have 2 decks of cards. 
  • 5 cards will be dealt with each of the players 
  • Once the cards are dealt with by all the players, the rest of the cards will be put on the pile. 
  • As it is played in the traditional Rummy game, you will have to pick the top card from the pile and place it face up separately. This face-up card now belongs to the discard pile. 
  • Now, it is time for the game to start. Chinese Rummy, like the other versions of Rummy, is played in a clockwise direction. 
  • When it is your turn, you can choose to pick a card either from the stockpile or from the discard pile. A stockpile of the initial remaining cards which you had kept face down and from you took the first card for the discard pile. 
  • Now, you will have to meld the cards into acceptable combinations. 
  • When double decks are being used instead of the general 1 deck, then you cannot meld the duplicate cards. For instance, you cannot Elements from two decks to form a combination. This will not be held valid. 
  • The person who is successful in welding the right combinations first wins the game.

The rules to play Chinese Rummy are not much different from the traditional Rummy game.

The Winning Melds 

In the game of Chinese Rummy, you can meld the cards in 3 ways: 

  • Flush: All the cards belong to the single suit. 
  • Straight: Here, there are 5 cards from 5 different suits and they should start from 1-5. 
  • Five of a Kind: All the cards are of the same rank but they belong to different suits. 

Interestingly, the Yin card serves as the wildcard for the Flush whereas the Yan card serves as the wildcard for the Five of a Kind. The Chinese Rummy hand is easy to make, and players who have some experience in the game will be quick to form a combination. 

Reasons to Play Chinese Rummy 

There are several reasons that mastering the Chinese Rummy hand is worth your time. Here are some of them: 

Highly Entertaining

One of the best things about any variation of Rummy is that they are quite interesting to play. The simple reason behind this is that you are always caught up in forming a sequence. Chinese Rummy is not different from this either. Here, you have to form sequences whether they are Flush, Straight or Five of a Kind. 

New Theme 

One of the unique features of Chinese Rummy is that it is quite different from other versions of Rummy.  Here you get to thematized cards instead of the regular spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. This gives it a refreshing take to the game and makes things much more interesting for the common users. 

A Multiplayer Game

You can play Chinese Rummy from anywhere. Whether it is during the lunch hours in your office, while traveling or at home. All you need to do is go to a gaming platform and select the game. The website’s traffic will surely connect you to a random player with whom you can compete in the game. 

Cognitive Skills 

Believe it or not, the game of Chinese Rummy or any Rummy for that matter requires skills. If you have played this game before you will know that to make a strong Chinese Rummy hand you need to have a sharp memory so that you can remember which cards you discarded in the pile and what cards other players are discarding. It is based on these insights and observations you will be able to form a sequence more comprehensively. 

Play for Real Money 

While entertainment is an important factor, you can also play Chinese Rummy for real money. This makes the game all the more exciting. 

As it turns out, there is nothing in this game that you can miss out on. Making a Chinese Rummy hand requires skills of observation and memory. There are numerous platforms that offer the game both for winning real money and at the same time for just entertainment. However, as the style of the game is unfamiliar it might take some time before you can master the game. But once you do, there is nothing stopping you from loving Chinese Rummy. 

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