By becoming the CMD of CCL in Ranchi, the cyber fraud cheated 70 thousand rupees

Cybercriminals have targeted the General Manager of CCL in Ranchi. According to reports, the cyber criminal pretended to be the CMD of CCL and sent a message requesting 70 thousand rupees.

Every day, cyber criminals find new ways to target people and commit the crime of cheating. This time in Ranchi, Jharkhand, cyber criminals defrauded CCL’s GM by posing as the company’s CMD. The GM was sitting at the home of a senior IPS officer when this incident occurred.

Cybercriminals defrauded Central Coalfields Limited (CCLGM )’s Security of Rs 70,000 in the name of the company’s CMD. In this case, Ramakrishna, the GM (Security) of CCL’s Darbhanga House headquarters, has filed a FIR with the Kotwali police station. According to GM Security Ramakrishna, a cyber fraud posing as the CMD sent the message and used Amazon to make the gift card payment.

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cyber fraud cheated
cyber fraud cheated

CCL CMD’s photo was shared on WhatsApp.

In the written complaint, Ramakrishna claims that on March 17, a message was sent from a fake WhatsApp ID with the photo of CCL CMD. You’ve been asked to send a message to a specific location. In response, the GM stated that he is currently present at ADG Sanjay Anand Lathkar’s residence. Despite this, the cyber criminal attempted to deceive by claiming that I was in an important meeting and could only take a limited number of phone calls. I require your assistance. Following that, the cyber fraudster obtained 70 thousand rupees from him via Amazon.

Send seven ten-to-ten-thousand-dollar Amazon gift cards.

The GM told the police that he was duped by a cyber fraudster who pretended to be CMD and sent seven Amazon gift vouchers worth tens of thousands of dollars to his relatives and friends. Shailesh Prasad, the in-charge of the Kotwali police station, said that an investigation has begun after a case was filed in this matter. Cyber criminals are being tracked down and will be apprehended in the near future.

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