Burning train: Many injured due to fire in the passenger train

A major accident in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, was averted by a burning train. This morning, a fire broke out in the Saharanpur-Delhi passenger train. The train was stopped at Daurala railway station when flames erupted from three of the train’s coaches. According to legend, the fire’s flames were so powerful that they were constantly moving forward. The railway station was in a state of chaos as a result of the train fire. The accident is said to have injured a number of people.

During the accident, the passengers began running, according to the information. Several passengers were injured as a result of the commotion. The passenger train was said to be completely full. Three coaches caught fire as soon as the train arrived at Daurala station. There was a stampede when people saw the flames. Several passengers were injured in the stampede, according to reports. The incident was reported to the fire department. The fire department arrived on the scene as soon as the information was received and quickly put out the fire. The injured passengers were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Burning train
Burning train

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A short circuit has caused a fire!

As soon as the train caught fire, top railway officials and a police team arrived on the scene. On the spot, a rescue operation was carried out right away. On social media, many videos of the accident are becoming increasingly popular. The accident’s cause is being investigated. A short circuit, according to preliminary investigation, may have caused the fire.

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