Bring home this dashing EV bike of Hop Oxo with 150KM range by paying just Rs 4,954, know how?

Hop Oxo: In the country’s two-wheeler market, these days customers are very fond of electric vehicles. Buying EV with long range in LPG single charge. So let us tell you that Hop Oxo is also a powerful bike in the electric segment in the market. This bike gives a tremendous range of up to 150 kilometers in a single charge. Let us know about the battery of this powerful EV and the amazing features available in it.

Hop Oxo Electric Bike Top Speed ​​and Battery Pack

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Talking about the top speed of Hop Oxo electric bike, this bike talks with the air at a speed of 95 kmph. This bike accelerates from 0-40 kmph in just 4 seconds. Talking about the battery pack available in Hop Oxo, you get to see a great 3.75 Kwh battery in this dashing bike. The ground clearance of this bike is 180mm, due to which it can be easily rotated even in less space.

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This powerful bike gets charged up to 80% in four hours

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Talking about the charging support of Hop Oxo electric bike, this bike can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in four hours with a 16 ampere socket. In this dashing bike, you have also been given a powerful motor of 6300 watts. The bike has a large 5-inch LCD instrument console.

Features of Hop Oxo Electric Bike

In Hop Oxo electric bike, you have been given telescopic forks and dual shock absorbers, which does not allow the driver to feel excessive jerks even on rough roads. The company has given disc brakes in both front and rear for safety in this bike. The bike has 18-inch large alloy wheels. Hop Oxo electric bike has features like navigation, speed control, geo fencing, anti-theft system and ride statistics. Which makes this bike even more amazing.

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Combined braking system will be available in Hop Oxo electric bike

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Let us tell you for information that electronically assisted combined braking system (CBS) has been given in this dashing bike. With the help of which you can stop the bike immediately. Due to which this bike helps in preventing you from slipping in the slope. This amazing system gives you more time to avoid road accident.

Hop Oxo Electric Bike Price

Hop Oxo electric bike is available in the market at a starting price of Rs 1.65 lakh ex-showroom. Its top variant is available at Rs 1.80 lakh ex-showroom. Which you can take home in the color of your choice.

Know what is finance plan

Hop Oxo Electric Bike If you also want to buy this great bike, then you can buy this bike by paying only Rs.17000. Under this loan scheme, you will have to pay a monthly installment of Rs 4,954 for three years at 9.7 percent interest rate. For more information about this loan scheme, you can get more information by visiting your nearest dealer.

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