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Fat shaming and self-care: From Selena Gomez to Priyanka Chopra Jonas- nowadays, social media does its best to foster the concept of the “ideal body,” and there are many people who will point out your “imperfections” to you. Celebrities are also put on trial, while Priyanka was hurt emotionally when told she wasn’t “sample size,” Selena Gomez also spoke up about how she was body shamed for gaining weight due to Lupus.

Due to the fact that people don’t have the ideal body shape according to society’s norms, a lot of individuals avoid social events and networking opportunities. It is as though other qualities, such as self-assurance, empathy, and honesty, are not as important as your physical appearance.

What is body shaming?

Body shaming is the act of making fun of or criticising yourself or others because of their appearance.

Internalized body shaming usually includes comparing oneself to another person for instance saying things like,  “My thighs are so huge compared to hers,” or similar comments.

Body shaming can also take the form of ridiculing another person’s looks like for example stating, “People your size shouldn’t wear tight-fitting clothes,” or, “Did you see that guy’s nose? He looks stupid!”

The psychological and emotional effects of body shaming include:

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Eating disorders

– Self-harm behaviour

– Reduced self-esteem

– Increased stress hormone levels from the hyper fixation on one’s appearance.

– Relationship struggles caused by constant self-comparison to others.

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Ways that people unconsciously contribute to body shaming friends and family:

– Giving unwanted food or movement advice

– Using the word “fat” negatively

– Encouraging participation in fashion “rules” instead of supporting the idea of choosing flattering clothing.

– Praising someone’s weight loss 

– Criticizing someone’s food or movement choices

– Engaging in pro-diet talk

How to stop body shaming yourself and start loving yourself more:

1. Boost your confidence in dressing your body

No matter your size or body type, getting dressed can be difficult. Respecting your body becomes a priority when you love yourself. Affirmations can help you do this while you observe yourself in the mirror. You become more self-assured as a result, enjoy your figure, and dress the part.

2. Set some fitness goals which are physically and emotionally healthy

Self-care includes taking care of your body. This entails adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising and eating well. You should actively build the body you desire. You can have a better style because your body will respond to a healthy way of living. By doing this, you can confidently move towards achieving the body you want, by incorporating exercise.

3. Stop self-comparing yourself to others

Our biggest downfall comes from comparing ourselves to others. The simple fact is that your body is entirely yours, and each aspect of it is unique. Loving yourself will encourage you to ignore and overlook the physical appearance of others. You’ll be able to evaluate your body objectively and choose what aspects you wish to change, such as adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. Stop browsing social media and reading periodicals that feature “#body goals”.

4. Practice positive self-talk

The quality of your life can be greatly  influenced by how you speak to yourself because you spend a great deal of time alone. Develop your positive self-talk and emphasise the morals of who you are and what you do.

5. Embrace a supporting community

You can surround yourself with a wide variety of people. Yet, you can always get rid of people who make fun of your weight or discourage you. You should carefully select your pals, looking for those who will understand your problems and encourage you to improve. Also, you can network with a group that promotes positivism rather than further shaming you. By doing so, you develop internally while putting out encouraging messages.

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Nobody can put you down because of your looks if you have unwavering self-confidence. Start valuing yourself today, and as a result of the confidence you’ll be radiating, you’ll notice others complimenting your body.

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