BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaks

After BMW, it is quite likely that TVS will also launch an electric version of its Apache RR310

BMW Electric Motorcycle Based On G310R
BMW Electric Motorcycle Based On G310R – Render

Even though electric two-wheelers are gaining popularity, mainstream manufacturers have been relatively slow in expanding their EV portfolio. One example is BMW Motorrad that currently has only the CE-04, as part of its EV portfolio. Good news is that the situation will improve in future, as BMW is developing its first electric motorcycle based on G310R.

After BMW launches its first electric motorcycle, TVS could follow with its own version. Last year, TVS MD Sudarshan Venu had stated that they are collaborating with their German partner for developing a sub-15kW electric motorcycle. In effect, TVS could also manufacture BMW’s electric motorcycle, just like the ICE-based G310R and G310GS are made in India.

BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaks - Based on G310R
BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaks – Based on G310R

BMW G310R electric motorcycle patent leaks

Patent images reveal that while the design is largely the same as G310R, powertrain components such as battery pack, motor and other equipment have been borrowed from CE-04. However, that’s not as easy as it looks, since components on the CE-04 are largely spread out horizontally. Moreover, CE-04 has relatively more space for the internal components.

To fit in everything within the G310R framework, BMW has carried out a number of tweaks. The battery pack has been placed vertically, at an angle. It is placed under the front section of the bike, where most ICE-based motorcycles have their radiators. As a significant percentage of the battery’s surface area will get direct air, it will help cool the battery pack.

BMW Electric Motorcycle Based On G310R
BMW Electric Motorcycle Based On G310R – Render

Placement of the motor is under the seat and it is done at a 90° angle. This way, the shaft runs longitudinally, instead of being positioned across the bike. The shaft is also tilted at an angle, which allows for a shorter, taller package. It connects to a bevel gear that transfers power to the front sprocket. This setup works like a reduction gearbox, increasing torque and gearing down the rotational speed of the motor. Lastly, a belt final drive connects to a large rear sprocket, which again is a form of reduction.

Other components that appear to be borrowed from CE-04 include the ECU and charger. The ECU is placed under the bike’s belly. As much of the middle section of the bike is jam-packed, the only storage space available is where the fuel tank is. Hopefully, this space will be large enough to accommodate at least a half-face helmet. It could also be used to store the charger.

BMW G310R electric performance

Assuming BMW G310R electric borrows the battery pack and motor from CE-04 in the same format, it could be making 42 hp of max power and 62 Nm of peak torque. These numbers are much better than ICE-powered G310R that makes 34 hp and 28 Nm. Considering the cost of the battery pack and other components, BMW G310R electric motorcycle will be costlier than its ICE counterpart. In US, BMW CE-04 is available at a starting price of $11,795 (approx. INR 9.76 lakh). TVS version could be much cheaper though.

BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaks - Based on G310R
BMW Electric Motorcycle Patent Leaks – Based on G310R

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