BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India
BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India

BMW had unveiled their new CE02 electric scooter last month, in July 2023 – Now it has been spied on test in India

In the ever-evolving world of electric mobility, BMW once again captured our attention with their latest creation – the CE 02 electric scooter. This innovative two-wheeler not only marks a significant step in BMW’s electric portfolio but also stands out with its quirky, futuristic design format, making it an instant draw for the young at heart.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India

Just a month after its global debut, this new BMW electric scooter has now been spied in India. It was parked in a public space, somewhere in Sringeri, Karnataka. Hat tip to automotive enthusiast Shreyas for sharing these exclusive photos.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India
BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India

In the international market, this scooter is priced from USD 7.6k, which is about Rs 6.3 lakh. It is likely that this scooter is being tested by TVS Motor. TVS is BMW’s manufacturing partner in India. TVS manufactures the BMW G310 range of motorcycles, which are not only sold in India but are also exported all over the world.

TVS could be testing the scooter to launch a version of their own in India. One of the other possibilities is that TVS could be planning to start manufacturing this new BMW electric scooter at their plant.

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India
BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Spied In India

BMW CE 02 Styling and Features

The BMW CE 02 is not your typical scooter. While it may not be conventionally beautiful, it commands attention with its youthful exuberance and rebellious spirit. One of the standout features of the CE 02 is the level of personalization it offers. Users have a wide range of customization options and accessories to choose from, allowing them to tailor the scooter to their unique tastes.

But it’s not just about looks. BMW has ensured that riders can stay connected while cruising on their CE 02 electric scooter. The 3.5-inch micro TFT screen mounted on a single bracket creates a floating effect, displaying a range of information. To take connectivity to the next level, users can pair their smartphones with the BMW Motorrad Connected app and BMW Backend Connectivity, opening up a world of features accessible via dedicated switches on the left handle.

The CE 02 also boasts a list of premium features, including LED headlights, USD front forks, a single-piece flat seat, a raised handlebar, and sporty rear-view mirrors. The riding stance appears to be fairly comfortable, although mastering the eccentric nature of this electric machine might take some time.

Underneath its unique exterior, the CE 02 utilizes a double-loop steel frame with an adjustable rear shock absorber. It rolls on 14-inch wheels at both ends, ensuring a tall and confident street presence. Safety is a priority with disc brakes and ABS on the front wheel, while a single-sided swingarm and belt-drive power the rear wheel.

BMW CE 02 Range

The CE 02 offers flexibility in battery options to cater to different travel needs. Users can choose between a single or dual battery pack. Each lithium-ion battery pack has a capacity of 2 kWh. The single-battery version of the CE 02 weighs in at 119 kg and provides a range of 45 km with a top speed limited to 45 kmph. Notably, in many European countries, the single-battery version doesn’t require a license, making it an accessible and practical choice for urban commuting. However, in India, no-license electric scooters need to have their top speed limited to 25 kmph, which is worth considering for potential buyers.

On the other hand, the dual-battery pack version weighs slightly more at 132 kg but offers a significantly extended range of 90 km. It generates 15 hp and can reach a top speed of 95 kmph. Charging options are versatile, with a standard 0.9 kW charger available. For those in a hurry, there’s a 1.5 kW fast charger. Charging time for the dual-battery pack version is approximately 5 hours 12 minutes with the standard charger and 3 hours 30 minutes with the fast charger. The single-battery version can be charged in approximately 3 hours 2 minutes with the standard charger.

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