BJP Foundation Day: PM Modi will speak to workers, and there will be a week of events planned for April 6

To celebrate the BJP’s 42nd Foundation Day on April 6, the party has planned a week of activities that will help people grow. To celebrate the BJP’s 42nd Foundation Day on April 6, the party has planned a week of activities that will help people grow.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give a virtual speech to the party workers at the start of the event. In a party media release, they say the week-long celebrations will end on Ambedkar Jayanti, which is April 14.

The activities were listed in a press release “At 9 a.m., the party flag will be raised in the correct way. Then, go on a march filled with patriotic songs and slogans. Do not miss Prime Minister Modi’s speech at 9.45.” From April 6 to 14, the party workers have been asked to plan events on a block-by-block level.

Workers have been told to plan events like cleaning lakes, blood donation camps, health checks, vaccinations camps, and more.

People who work for the party should put the party above themselves and the country above the party, Prime Minister Modi told them. The Prime Minister also talked about how Lal Krishna Advani and Muli Manohar Joshi helped shape and grow the party. PM Modi also talked about the fulfilment of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s dream of scrapping Article 370, which would bring Jammu and Kashmir into the national mainstream.

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

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BJP’s history

They can be traced back to the Bharatiya Jan Sangh. The history and spirit of BJP can be found there. The Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS), the party that came before the BJP, was founded in 1952. It won three seats in the first Lok Sabha Election in India and stayed a political party for 24 years. After that, the BJS joined the Janata Party in 1977 and formed a government with other groups. After the government of the Janata Party split up in 1979, the BJP was born.

The National Executive Council of the Janata Party told its members that they couldn’t be members of both the BJP and the RSS at the same time. This forced the members to leave the party and form a new political group called the BJP on April 6, 1980.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first president of the BJP, and he was followed by Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Kushabhau Thakre, Bangaru Laxman, Jana Krishnamurthi, and Venkaiah Naidu, as well as many other people, as well. As of now, JP Nadda is in charge of the party.

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