Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz faces legal action for not Crediting his Branded Wardrobe in The BB House (Watch Video)

Umar Riaz, a contestant on Bigg Boss 15, has been accused of failing to credit the designer clothes he wore on the controversial reality show. Umar has allegedly credited other labels, which is illegal, according to Faizan Ansari.

Umar Riaz, brother of Asim Riaz, is a Bigg Boss 15 contestant who has gotten himself into legal trouble. Umar has been accused of not crediting the branded wardrobe he’s wearing in Bigg Boss’ house by a person named Faizan Ansari. Faizan is seen in a video holding a placard with Umar Riaz’s picture and the word “boycott” written on it, as well as a copy of the police complaint he filed.

Bigg Boss 15

Faizan revealed to the reporters that he had supplied designer clothes to Umar and that the latter had not correctly tagged the label on social media, prompting action against him. He also revealed that Umar has purposefully tagged other designer labels in his posts, which is against the law.

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Video of Faizan Ansari filing a police complaint against Umar Riaz

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Bigg Boss 13 Sneak Peek 01 | January 16, 2020: Umar Riaz, Asim Riaz’s brother, enters the house.

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