Bharat NCAP Launched Today – Over 30 Cars Already Offered For Testing

Bharat NCAP Launched
Bharat NCAP Launched

Bharat NCAP aims to raise the level of awareness of vehicle safety by allowing buyers to assess crash safety standards of cars on sale in India

Bharat New Car Assessment Program (Bharat NCAP) has been launched by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways. To come into effect from October 1, 2023, this program marks a significant development being taken by the Government of India in improving road safety in the country. This makes India the 5th country in the world to adopt a car crash safety program after the ASEAN NCAP, Latin NCAP, Euro NCAP and ANCAP. US, China, Japan and South Korea have their individual crash test programs.

Primary Objectives of Bharat NCAP

Given the fact that India is among some of the leading countries in terms of road accidents, the new
Bharat New Car Assessment Program (Bharat NCAP) will not only help buyers make the right choice but will also urge automakers to produce safer cars. All motor vehicles, currently being manufactured and sold in the country as well as imported into India upto a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes will have to comply with these new Bharat NCAP norms. BNCAP will also test and rate CNG and electric vehicles based on crash performance.

Bharat NCAP Launched
Bharat NCAP Launched

Gadkari said, “Over 30 car models have already been offered by carmakers in India for the assessment under the Bharat NCAP safety ratings. “The automotive market in India has been evolving with consumer’s focus shifting from being cost-centric to quality-centric”

Bharat NCAP will allow buyers to make an assessment of crash safety standards of these vehicles while automakers can voluntarily offer their cars tested as per Automotive Industry Standards 197. These cars will be awarded star ratings as per crash test. These star ratings allow buyers to compare the safety features of each vehicle thus allowing them to make erudite decisions on their final purchase.

Bharat NCAP Launched
Bharat NCAP Launched

Compliance with Bharat NCAP norms will also encourage automakers to pay more attention to safety standards of their vehicles. It will also create a sense of competition among manufacturers to enhance vehicle safety while at the same time buyers are given a choice to compare safety levels of various vehicles before deciding on the right one. Bharat NCAP will be a game changer for on road safety in India, which has one of the highest road traffic accident rates in the world, reducing road fatalities and injuries thereby creating a safer driving environment.

Bharat NCAP safety ratings of Indian cars
Global NCAP safety ratings of Indian cars till date

Bharat NCAP for better competition in Global Markets

Bharat NCAP will help to create a more competitive environment. The crash tests will include frontal offset crash tests, side impact crash tests while at the same time assessing the structure of the vehicle and its capacity to safely guard its occupants. The tests will also cover all areas of safety such as seat belts, child safety norms, airbags and pedestrian protection.

With each automaker now striving to enhance safety of their vehicles, the Indian automotive sector is poised to compete on an international level. Competition in the global market will go a long way to increase export potential for Indian automakers.

Mr. Venkatram Mamillapalle, Country CEO & Managing Director, Renault India Operations said, “I applaud the Government of India for this visionary and historic initiative; Bharat New Car Assessment Programme (Bharat NCAP) is a truly landmark event in the automotive industry. This significant stride aligns seamlessly with our core mission of the “Human First Program” initiative, propelling us further on our journey to prioritize the safety and well-being of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
This initiative arrives at a crucial juncture for India, as the need to curtail fatalities on our roads has never been more pressing. With road safety taking precedence, the Bharat NCAP is a pivotal tool to assess and enhance the safety standards of vehicles on our roads.
The Government of India’s timely and historical introduction of the Bharat NCAP showcases its dedication to safeguarding its citizens and advancing road safety. Renault India wholeheartedly supports this initiative and looks forward to contributing our expertise towards reducing accidents and ensuring safer journeys for all.”

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