Bharat Bandh today, all private and government schools will remain closed in Jharkhand…order of Hemant Sarkar

School is closed in Ranchi due to the Jn. Bharat Bandh. The Jharkhand government has ordered all government and private schools to remain closed on Monday in anticipation of the proposed Bharat Bandh. According to a statement released by the Hemant Soren government, some organizations have called for a Bharat Bandh on Monday. Keep all government and private schools closed tomorrow, Monday, in honor of the bandh. This order was issued by Jharkhand Education Secretary Rajesh Sharma. This order was sent via message to the District Education Officers and Superintendents of all districts, instructing them to take the necessary actions.

In any case, all government and private schools should be made aware of this information as soon as possible, according to this order. Especially private school administrators, where students ride the bus to school to study. This should not be a point of contention. This information should be disseminated via a variety of channels. This information has also been requested to be shared in the Kovid WhatsApp group, so that it reaches a larger number of students.

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Bharat Bandh
Bharat Bandh

Ranchi District Deputy Commissioner Chhavi Ranjan and SSP Surendra Jha, on the other hand, had requested that the schools be closed in anticipation of a protest against the Agneepath scheme. Some organizations, he claims, have declared a bandh. Students may experience difficulties during this time.

All opposition parties have decided to hold a Bharat Bandh on June 20. This bandh is over a number of issues, the most pressing of which is the Narendra Modi government’s Agneepath scheme for army restoration. The opposition parties claim that this scheme jeopardizes the youth’s future. The central government’s wrong intention is also demonstrated by canceling the recruitment of youth who have passed their physical and medical exams. People have been urged to join the bandh by opposition parties. He has been asked to close his stores and businesses. He has stated that the youth movement will continue at all levels until the central government announces the withdrawal of the Agneepath scheme.

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