Beware, Jio Phone Users! Due to the scorching heat, the phone is suddenly blasting Jio Phone

Desk: The scorching heat is spreading across the country right now. There is already a commotion among the common people as a result of this. But, in the meantime, a new major issue has emerged. If you have a Jio Phone, you should pay close attention to this news. Otherwise, you should not be carrying a mobile phone in your pocket when it suddenly explodes.

Yes.. The Jio Phone is currently being blasted on its own due to the extreme heat. This is a very serious situation. The most recent incident occurred in Bhagalpur, Bihar. A mobile explosion kept in the pocket of a teenager’s pants injured the teenager’s right leg in Basantpur Das Tola of Kharaihiya Panchayat of Akbarnagar police station area.

Jio Phone
Jio Phone

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Ankush Kumar, a 16-year-old youth, was said to have kept a small Jio mobile phone in the pocket of his pants at the time of the incident. It blew up in the middle of the afternoon. The pants were burned and there was a deep wound in the thigh as a result of the explosion. The cause of the explosion, however, has yet to be determined.

At the same time, a burn on one of the hand’s fingers has occurred. The aforementioned adolescent was treated in a private clinic. According to relatives, the injured teenager Ankush had been using Jio Phone for nearly a year. The mobile battery was about 40 to 50 percent charged at the time of the mobile blast. The phone’s battery was not drained, but it was extremely hot at the time of the explosion. Before the child could comprehend why the phone was heating up, the phone exploded. As a result, the boy’s right leg was severely injured.

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