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Which Publisher has a better Guidebook for Ignou MA English?


Indira Gandhi National Open University provides the study materials itself to all the enrolled students. However, these are the textbooks and students need to learn and prepare notes in order to crack Ignou Exams.

Ignou MA English & Study Materials

MA English is a two years honors degree program offered by Ignou. The course is in high demand and lacs of students enroll in this every year. One can say this is one of the most popular courses. Ignou MEG Study Materials are provided by IGNOU through postal services.

Ignou MA English Study Materials given by Ignou is basically the course textbooks. Although these are easy to learn & understand yet you need to dedicate time to it and make notes of Important questions by studying the chapters.

Ignou MA English Help Books/Guides

Due to the challenges mentioned above, students are in search of some help books/guide books which is more summarised & available in question-answer format. There are certain publishers in the market to offer Guidebooks for Ignou MA English to make your exam preparation easy.

Ignou MA English Help Books or the Guide Books provides you a summary of each chapter, designed as per the Ignou MA English Exam Format and includes the Important questions n answers.

Basically, these are a kind of question bank, that makes your exam preparation shorten.

Comparison of Guidebooks for Ignou MA English available in the market

It would be wrong to say that a particular Guidebook for Ignou MA English is 100% up to the marks, however, you can decide which one is better in terms of the sale & demands.

Let’s see how many publishers are there in the market for publishing the Guidebooks for Ignou MA English-

  1. Neeraj Publication House (NP)
  2. Gullibaba Publishing House (GPH)
  3. Chakradhar Publications
  4. FYB Publication House
  5. Natraj Publications

We can evaluate their Ignou MA English Guidebooks or other guide books on the following parameters-

  1. Time & Experience in the field
  2. Quality of the Study Materials
  3. Demand of the Books
  4. Paper Quality of the Books
  5. Price of Books/Cost Effectiveness
Time & Experience in the field  Has about 40 years’ Experience in Ignou Book PublishingGPH has spent about 19 Year’s in Ignou Guide book publishingHas spent only 2 years in this field, still they do not provide full fledge books, they offer the print & bind booksThis is publisher started in 2020.Natraj Ignou Books is also a new entry to this segment.
Quality of Book Content  7/106/105/109/107/10
Demand of the Books  8/106/103/10Not Been Evaluated YetNot Been Evaluated Yet
Paper Quality of the Books7/105/107/107/108/10
Price of Books6/10
(Books Price are little costly due to demand)
7/10 Lesser Costlier than Neeraj7.5/10 Cheaper than NP & GPH8/10 Most Cost Effective7.5/10
(Average Pricing)
Ignou MEG


With the above discussion & evaluation of the above chart, lifestyle, it is clear that Neeraj has edge in sales & because this is been there for a long time it has popularity in the segment. Most students preferred this as these are easily available, however, the second big seller is GPH. You may choose as per the availability of the Guidebooks for Ignou MA English.

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