Asian casinos have established their place in the world of online casinos and jackpot slots. A continent with 48 distinct countries and more than 2 billion internet users, it is bound to boast some of the best online betting sites. But not in all jurisdictions; it is legal. Many countries do not have any proper regulations for online gambling. Some of the sites are not even legit. To save yourself the shakedown, decide on these criteria.

· Ease of Transaction

· Bonus and promotion

· Customer support quality

· Choices of bets and other gambling games

· Jackpots, tournaments and competitive lines

Are you curious about online betting? Or you want to give it a shot but on a trustworthy site? Check out these happening online betting sites functioning in Asia that you can rely upon.


If you would love to wager on various sports, Ufabet is the right place to start. Football, basketball, badminton, boxing, ice hockey, rugby, horse racing, and baseball only a few from the large collection of sports they allow betting on.

The odds available are competitive that adds up to the challenge but, the rewards are good.

Players get enough chances to earn some extra cash in tournaments which are always around the corner. You can enjoy the live stream.

You can stay stress-free in matters of money. The deposits and withdrawals process is hassle-free.


Mansionbet is the most popular sports betting website enabling over 30,000 live tournaments in a year.

Though it is known better in football with growing partnerships with reputed clubs, it has a massive collection of sports betting options.

The payouts are somewhat satisfactory. Occasionally you get free bet rewards. You won’t be disappointed if you are looking for entertainment only.

Overall it is a great betting site with a user-friendly interface that works both on desktop and mobile and responsive customer support.


If you are not into eye-catching graphics, this sportsbook site will do justice in showcasing the games in a clean and organized manner.

You can participate in leagues happening around the world including, NFL and NBA.

ABCislands is one of those rare sites that provide live betting options with real-time score updates. It increases anticipation for any player.

The wagering requirements and payouts are standard.


LooseLines may not have a more modern betting experience with big bonuses, but they compensate for that with live bets and a decent choice of deposit and withdrawal alternatives.

You get plenty of entertainment options in both Sportsbooking and online casinos.

Among Sportbooking, you can indulge in basketball, baseball, Ice hockey, golf, boxing, and so on.


BetPhoenix has a decent collection of sports but, what more to look for are the promotions and bonuses.

BetPhoenix ensures its security through SSL encryption which makes it safer to conduct money transactions on the site. Also, navigation is easy for any new user.

The customer service is above and beyond what the competing sites offer. It has phone numbers, live chat, and email options for different departments for faster response and solutions.

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