Benelli TRK 251 and TRK 502 Prices Increase Once More

Despite no changes to the motorcycles, this is the latest in a series of price increases for Benelli’s TRK line-up.

Benelli has raised prices for its TRK line of adventure tourers yet again, the most recent increase occurring in March of this year. Both the smaller TRK 251 and the larger TRK 502 are affected, with prices rising by as much as Rs 20,000 in some cases.

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The TRK 251, which originally retailed for Rs 2.51 lakh, is now priced between Rs 2.73 lakh and Rs 2.83 lakh. It was previously priced between Rs 2.64 lakh and Rs 2.74 lakh, so the increase is a significant Rs 9,000.

The TRK 502 models, on the other hand, have seen a price increase of Rs 20,000. The TRK 502 is now priced between Rs 5.42 lakh and Rs 5.52 lakh (up from Rs 5.24 lakh to Rs 5.34 lakh previously), while the TRK 502X is now priced between Rs 5.89 lakh and Rs 6.04 lakh (vs Rs 5.69 lakh to Rs 5.84 lakh earlier).

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In the meantime, Imperiale 400 prices have been raised by Rs 4,000.

Despite the significant price increase, the bikes remain unchanged, and we have yet to receive the updated TRK 502, which made its global debut last month. The addition of a TFT display and heated grips to the updated motorcycles means that prices are likely to rise even more when the update arrives in India.

While Benelli’s products frequently leave us wanting more, the company used to have a reputation for undercutting its competitors on price. That doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

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The KTM 250 Adventure, the TRK 251’s most direct competitor, costs a fraction of the price, at Rs 2.35 lakh. Other competitors, such as the Suzuki V-Strom SX, are less expensive, starting at Rs 2.11 lakh. The TRK 502 is up against even more formidable opposition in the form of the extremely popular Honda CB500X. Despite the fact that the Honda is a significantly lighter, better built motorcycle, the TRK line-up now extends even further up than that, with a price tag of Rs 5.80 lakh.

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