Before eating a ripe banana in the rain, see once, it can be dangerous, the scary scene seen in the video

Before eating ripe banana in the rain, see once, it can be dangerous, the creepy sight shown in the video, fruits are always considered a boon for health, we get many benefits from different types of fruits. Doctors also recommend eating fruits to stay healthy. Banana is one such fruit which is easily available in any month of the year and in any season. Many people also like it and at the same time banana is also a part of their daily diet. But one thing which becomes a problem for many people is that bananas start spoiling very quickly. Banana ripens quickly and spoils, especially in the rain. Within 4 days of bringing bananas from the market, blackness starts appearing in them and sometimes even small insects start munching on them.

Every person in the world consumes fruits. Fruit is a unique gift given by nature. It contains many types of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that improve human health. Some fruits are eaten raw, while some are delicious after ripening. Banana is such a fruit, if it is raw, you can make vegetable and kofta from it. If the banana is ripe, then its taste becomes excellent. Ripe bananas beat sugar in sweetness. But if you are also eating ripe banana at this time, then be careful. Recently, a meek video went viral in which hundreds of insects are seen buzzing inside a ripe banana. Seeing whom your soul will probably tremble.

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ripe banana video on social media

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These days a video of ripe banana is going viral on social media. In this video, the part of OK banana was shown by putting it inside the microscope. It was also written that after watching this video, people will not consume the brown part of ripe banana. Yes, many times you must have seen that a part of brown color is formed on the bananas, which is more ripe. According to the video, there are insects in these parts, which are visible only with a microscope.

hundreds of insects were seen buzzing in banana

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In the video going viral, a person first removed this ripe brown part of banana with a knife. After that put this part inside the microscope. When this part was zoomed with the help of lens, it was seen that many insects were present inside it. Due to these bacteria, the video maker suggested not to eat these brown parts of ripe bananas. But after the video was shared, it spread.

public opinion on video

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In the comment box of the video, people gave different opinions about it. One person wrote that for this reason he does not eat ripe bananas. But most of the people told the information of this video as fake. Many wrote that these bacteria are good for the stomach. If any food item is seen with a microscope, then there will be bacteria in it. But this information is wrong that it should not be eaten. Many wrote that banana is the only fruit that does not spoil. However, according to experts, eating ripe bananas is not harmful at all. Only those bananas are not fit to be eaten, due to which bad smell starts coming out or water starts coming out of it. They are rotten. Eating ripe bananas is not unsafe at all.

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If bananas have started ripening, keep them in the fridge.


If your bananas have started ripening, you can keep them in the fridge for a day or two. However, do not keep them for long or else you will not be able to use them and bananas have a cooling effect and due to this it is not considered right to keep them in the fridge. Even if you are keeping the banana in the fridge, do not eat it immediately after taking it out, but wait a little instead. Let it come to room temperature. By the way, many people try to freeze bananas and keep them for several weeks, and here also you have to keep in mind that the bananas should be taken out and allowed to come to room temperature first.

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